Polity MCQ Questions and Answers

Amendments & Articles of the Indian Constitution MCQ Questions and Answers (NEW)
Attorney General and CAG
Centre-State Relations
Constitutional development in India
Constitutional Framework and Citizenship (NEW)
Council of Minister
Directive Principles of State Policy
Fundamental Duties
Fundamental Rights
Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles of State Policy (NEW)
Governor, Chief Minister, And Ministers
Judiciary (NEW)
Local Government (NEW)
Lok Sabha (The House of The People)
Panchayati Raj And Municipality
Parliamentary Committees
Preamble of the Constitution
Public Service Commission & Election Commission
Rajya Sabha (The Council of States)
Salient features of the Constitution
Sessions And Motions of Parliament
Speaker(Lok Sabha) & Chairman(Rajya Sabha)
State Government (NEW)
The Parliament
The President
The Prime Minister
The State Judiciary – High Courts
The Union Judiciary – Supreme Court
The Vice President
Union And The Territory
Union Government - 1 (NEW)
Union Government - 2 (NEW)
Vidhan Parishad (Legislative Council) And Vidhan Sabha
Miscellaneous (NEW)