Salient features of the Constitution MCQ Questions and Answers




#1. Which one of the following is a basic feature of the Presidential Government?

#2. The constitution of India is-

#3. In Indian Polity, the executive is subordinate to the

#4. Which of the following countries enjoys a federal form of government?

#5. The cardinal features of political system in India are- 1. It is a democratic republic. 2. It has a parliamentary form of Government. 3. The Supreme power vests in the people of India. 4. It provides for a unified authority. Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

#6. Who called Indian Federalism as the Co-operative Federalism?

#7. The declaration that Democracy is a Government of the people, by the people for the people' was made by:

#8. Who among the following gave the following statement about the Indian Constitution ? Indian Constitution strikes a good balance between extreme rigidity and too much flexibility

#9. Where was the first parliamentary form of Government formed ?

#10. In Indian Polity which one is Supreme?

#11. The most essential feature of the Parliamentary form of Government is the

#12. Which of the following countries have an Unwritten Constitution?

#13. What is Gandhi's definition of Ram Rajya?

#14. Which of the following statements about the federal system in India are correct? 1. The Constitution introduces a federal system as the basic structure of Government. 2. There is a strong admixture of a unitary bias. 3. Both the Union and State Legislature are sovereign 4. The legislative, financial and judicial powers have been divided between the Union and its units. Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

#15. Where was, the concept of written constitution, first born ?

#16. The Presidential Government operates on the principle

#17. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists- List-I (Forms of Government) A. Presidential System B. Parliamentary System C. Federal System D. Unitary System List-II (Principles) 1. Separation of powers 2. Close relationship between executive and legislature 3. Division of power 4.Concentration of power

#18. Statement 1: The Constitution of India is a liberal constitution Statement 2 : It provides Fundamental Rights to individuals.

#19. Which of the following official documents is related with India ?

#20. The Unitary System of Government possesses which of the following advantages?

#21. The English Crown is an example of

#22. At which of its session, did the Congress officially accept the Socialistic Pattern of Society'?


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