Kangra District

Notes, Himachal

  • Headquarters of Kangra District – Dharamshala
  • Total Area of Kangra District – 5,739 sq km
  • Population wise Kangra is the largest district of Himachal Pradesh
  • Kangra District looks like a giant in a sitting posture.
  • Kangra valley is the meeting point of the Eastern & Western monsoon, which causes high rainfall in Dharamshala & adjoining areas.
  • Villages – 3906
  • Languages – Hindi, Pahari
  • Population – 1,510,075

Kangra District Tehsil

Kangra district has 20 tehsils

  1. Kangra
  2. Nurpur
  3. Jawali
  4. Indora
  5. Dehra
  6. Shahpur
  7. Baroh
  8. Khundian
  9. Dadasiba
  10. Jasawn
  11. Rakkar
  12. Fatehpur
  13. Baijnath
  14. Jaisinghpur
  15. Thural
  16. Dharamshala
  17. Multhan
  18. Palampur
  19. Jawalamukhi
  20. Nagrota Bagwan

Kangra District Map

Kangra District Map

Dhauladhar Range

  • It forms the boundary of district Kangra with Kullu to a distant point below Sari Pass, then enters Bara Bhangal area, thereafter runs parallel to Hathi Dhar which forms a boundary between Chamba & Kangra district.
  • The Paprola range separates Bir Bhangal from Kangra valley & after crossing Binwa, it enters Mandi district where it is called Sikandar Dhar.

Beas River

  • It originates from the Pir Panjal range near Rohtang Pass
  • Binwa is a tributary of the Beas river, which originates above Baijnath & joins Beas above Sandhol.
  • Neugal meets River Beas opposite Tira Sujanpur.
  • Chakki river forms the boundary of district Kangra with district Pathankot of Punjab.
  • River Beas flows through Kullu, Mandi, Hamirpur & Kangra. 
  • At Mirthal ghat, beyond hajipur, it leaves Kangra & enters the Gurdaspur district of Punjab.
  • Lahaul Spiti was also a part of Kangra upto 1960 AD (then created as a separate district)
  • Kullu was a Tehsil of Kangra district up to 1962 AD
  • Kangra became the district of Himachal Pradesh on 1st November 1966 on the recommendation of the Shah Commission.
  • The present district of Kangra came into existence on 1st September, 1972 by carving out Una & Hamirpur as separate districts.
  • The village Har of Nurpur Tehsil & Dharamshala among the towns of the district is the biggest in terms of population.
  • Brajeshwari temple in Kangra town, then known as Nagarkot, was looted & razed to the ground by the forces of Mahmud Ghazni.

Some of the famous temples in the Kangra district are-

  1. Rock cut temples of Masroor 
  2. Shiva Temple of Bhawan 
  3. Bhimtal near Chetru
  4. Temple Basheshwar Mahadev in upper Dharamsala 
  5. Temple of Jwalamukhi 
  6. Thakurdwara of Fatehpur
  7. Chamunda Mata Temple

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