Kangra Himachal Pradesh MCQ Questions and Answers



#1. Near Dharamshala city, which place is called 'Chhota Israel'?

#2. Which king of Nurpur was sent by Shah Jahan to fight against the Uzbeks of Balakh?

#3. Sibba was born from which princely state?

#4. Which king of Kangra ascended the throne in the same year as Jahangir ascended the throne?

#5. Which of the following princely states is a branch of Guler state?

#6. Who was the court poet of King Dharma Chand of Kangra who wrote the play Dharm Chand Natak in 1562 AD?

#7. Jahangir sent which descendant of Dhameri Nurpur to capture the fort of Nagarkot which together with the hill chiefs looted the royal territories and later fled towards the Mau fort?

#8. 'Trigarta' was the ancient name of which place?

#9. Panini mentions the Trigarts as Ayudhajivi Sangh'? Ordnance means?

#10. Whose name was Bhimkot?

#11. Who founded the city of Bijapur?

#12. During the reign of which king of Nurpur princely state did the Mughals win the forts of Maukot, Nurpur and Taragarh?

#13. Which European traveler traveled to Jammu from Nahan to Nurpur around 1783 AD?

#14. What was the population growth rate (2011) of Kangra District?

#15. Which step of King Sansar Chand instigated the hill rulers to call the Gurkhas for attacking Kangra?

#16. Who was the first Sikh general to attack Kangra in the second half of the eighteenth century?

#17. Name the oldest hill state.

#18. According to one British Dandanayaka, in which region of Himachal Pradesh was there a systemic regime even when the great Roman Empire was also in infancy?

#19. Which of the following princely states was divided into two cousins / descendants Vijay Singh and Ram Singh in the nineteenth century?

#20. Which descendant of the princely state of Kangra was given the title of Major in the British Army in 1888?

#21. Who was the first European to visit Kangra around 1615 AD?

#22. In which region of Kangra, Rana sacrificed her daughter-in-law to open a water passage, it is said?

#23. In 1809 AD Treaty of Jwalamukhi was done between which of the following?

#24. Who is not the ruler of the princely state of Guler?

#25. In which village near 'Dharamshala' is the 'Vipassana’ center for meditation located?

#26. _________ was the first Mughal governor of Kangra.

#27. Which princely king of Kangra was Suryavanshi?

#28. When King Harichand of the princely state of Kangra was presumed dead, who sat on his throne instead?

#29. Which of the following is not located in Kangra district?

#30. Where did the death of Wazir Ram Singh Pathania of Nurpur who fought the British during the Second British-Sikh War?

#31. Who built the Kangra Fort?

#32. What was the population of Kangra district in 2011?

#33. Bhahu Singh (Murid Khan), who converted to Islam in 1686 AD. was the king of which princely state?

#34. Who among the following got back the territory of the princely state of Kutlehar which was captured by King Sansar Chand of Kangra?

#35. The king of which princely state was able to save his princely state from the Sikhs because He married 2 princesses of his family with the family of Dhyan Singh (Maharaja Ranjit Singh's minister)?

#36. Which king of Nurpur refused to take the jagir from Maharaja Ranjit Singh after occupying his kingdom?

#37. The king of which princely state helped Akbar in capturing King Jayachand of Kangra?

#38. Which king of the Trigarta married his daughter to Rana Lakshman Chandra of Baijnath who was his subordinate Jagirdar?

#39. What was the name of the throne that Sansar Chandra, the king of Kangra fell in love with?

#40. Which king of Kangra princely state refused to marry his sister to Dhyan Singh's son and had to flee to save his life and honor from the wrath of Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

#41. 'Kiragram' was the old name of?

#42. Which of the following is the oldest natural state of Himachal Pradesh?

#43. When did the British move the Kangra headquarters to Dharamshala?

#44. In ancient times, by what name was Kangra known?

#45. Under whose jurisdiction was Kangra Fort From 1783-1787 AD?

#46. Which king's era was called the Golden Age In the history of Nurpur State?

#47. Who was the first European to bring attention to the history of the royal families of Jalandhar and Trigarta?

#48. Which of the following states was directly under British rule before 1947?

#49. Dalai Lama Came to Dharamshala in?

#50. Chinmay Sandeepani Himalaya Ashram in Kangra district is closest to which of the following?

#51. In which district is Triund and Dharmkot located?

#52. Who was the last king of Kangra princely state?

#53. The ruler of Guler whom Shah Jahan named 'Sher Afghan?

#54. Who established the princely state (in 1405 AD)?

#55. Which ruler of Nurpur was taken captive by Bairam Khan to Lahore in 1558 AD and put to Death?

#56. When was the Nerti Shahpur war took place between Sansar Chand and Raj Singh (Chamba)?

#57. Which king of the princely state of Nurpur built Taragarh fort in the area of Chamba princely state around 1625-30 AD?

#58. Which princely invasion led to the downfall of Sansar Chand?

#59. Who attacked Kangra in 1805 AD?

#60. In 1848, Nurpur state of Himachal Pradesh was the first state where rebellion against the British came. The leader of this rebellion was?

#61. Raja Sansar Chand had to seek outside help to free Kangra from the clutches of the Gorkhas. This help was received ?

#62. Who is considered the founder of the Katoch dynasty of the ancient Kangra kingdom?

#63. What was the name of the descendants of the kings of the princely state of Nurpur?

#64. Which king of Kangra fell into a well while playing hunting and was presumed dead?

#65. Triund is in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

#66. What was the old name of Nurpur?

#67. Chinmaya Tapovan Ashram is located in which district?

#68. Who remained separate from the Confederation formed against the Subedar Riyaz Baig of Punjab due to improper interference in the affairs of the hill states?

#69. Who built the Shahpur Fort?

#70. In which year did Ghamand Chand take Guler under his control?

#71. Bir was the capital of which state?

#72. Who built the fort of Nagerkot in ancient times?

#73. Which was the smallest princely state in Kangra region?

#74. Who was the last king to rule the princely state of Nurpur?

#75. Many more princely states emerged from the Kangra princely state. Which was the first branch to emerge?

#76. In 1850-51 AD, after the exile of King Pramod Chand, which noble of the Lambragons was made head of the Katoch dynasty?

#77. Which of the following districts was not a part of Trigartan region in ancient times?

#78. Kangra Fort is known as?

#79. What is the name of the kingdom of Kangra in Mahabharata period?

#80. In which year did Alamchand establish the city of Alampur on the banks of the Beas river?

#81. Raja Uday Singh of Chamba was made the guardian of which king of Guler?

#82. Which was the smallest princely state of Kangra on the basis of area?

#83. Why is the place named Ghoran of Kangra district famous?

#84. Guler was the capital of the princely state?

#85. 'Bara Bhangal is located in which district?

#86. According to Cunningham, which princely state belongs to the Kangra princely group?

#87. The only dynasty that originated in Himachal Pradesh and whose existence has nothing to do with immigration.

#88. Which king called the Gorkhas to attack Kangra?

#89. Why did Sansar Chand give Kangra Fort and 66 villages to Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

#90. Who built the 'Taragarh Durg' (Nurpur State)?

#91. Who was the last king of the Guler princely state?

#92. Bir Singh was the last ruler of which princely state?

#93. When was the Nurpur State founded by Tomar Rajput Jethpal?

#94. Who built the Makot fort of Nurpur?

#95. Kot-Kahlur was the capital of which state?

#96. Who transferred Dhameri from Pathankot, the capital of Nurpur?


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