Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh MCQ Questions and Answers



#1. Who founded Hamirpur?

#2. What is the area of Hamirpur district?

#3. What is the percentage share of Himachal Pradesh in Hamirpur?

#4. Who is credited with developing Tihara Sujanpur as the capital?

#5. Till 1809-1846 AD - under whom was Hamirpur?

#6. What is the literacy rate of Hamirpur?

#7. At which place in Hamirpur district was King Sansar Chand of Kangra kept King Ishwari Sen of Mandi captive for 12 years?

#8. ____ of Hamirpur was the ancestral village of Hindi writer Yashpal.

#9. Nadaun town of Hamirpur district is on the bank of which river?

#10. Who placed the number of Sujanpur Tira in 1748 AD?

#11. With whom did the Katoch dynasty belong?

#12. When did Hamirpur become the district of Himachal Pradesh?

#13. Which was the ancestral village of Yashpal, the famous Hindi writer in Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh?

#14. Himachal Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Board is at which place in Hamirpur? (Currently HPSSC)

#15. From Hamirpur 1846. How long was it a part of the Punjab of British Punjab and independent India?

#16. In which district is the 'Mahalmoriyo' where the battle took place between Sansar Chand and the Gorkhas?



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