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  • Headquarters of Hamirpur District – Hamirpur
  • The total area of Hamirpur District – is 1118 sq km
  • In the West lies in Una district & in the South Bilaspur district
  • Villages in Hamirpur District – 1780.
  • Languages of Hamirpur District – Hindi, Pahari, Punjabi
  • Population of Hamirpur District – 4,54,768
  • No. of Male – 2,17,070
  • No. of Female – 2,37,698

Tehsil of Hamirpur District

  1. Hamirpur
  2. Barsar
  3. Nadaun
  4. Bhoranj
  5. Sujanpur
  6. Bamson at Tauni Devi
  7. Dhatwal at Bijhari,
  8. Galore

Hamirpur District map

Hamirpur district map

Important Ranges In Hamirpur District

1. Jakh Dhar

  • runs in continuation of the Kali Dhar range in Kangra district
  • enters Hamirpur district near Nadaun 

2. Chabutra Dhar

3. Solah Singhi Dhar

  • The longest range of the tract is known by various names, such as Chintpurni & Jaswan dhar in Una & Sola Singhi in Hamirpur.

River System in Hamirpur

Beas River

  • Sujanpur Tihra & Nadaun are situated on the bank of Beas.
  • Main tributaries of Beas in Hamirpur district are Bakar khad, Kunah khad, Hathli khad, Pung khad, Sundran khad, Man khad
  • Sukar khad & Mundkhar khad drains into Seer khad which drains into Satluj.

Economy of Hamirpur District

  • The District Horticulture Office for the first time came into existence in 1972.
  • The district has on progeny-cum-demonstration orchard at Bhumpal in Nadaun tehsil
  • Another progeny-cum-demonstration orchard at Badiana in Bhoranj tehsil.
  • The sheep breeding Farm at Tal in Hamirpur.
  • A milk chilling plant at Jalari was set up in October 1978.

Famous Places in Hamirpur District

1. Tira Sujanpur

  • on the bank of river Beas
  • It was founded by Raja Abhay Chand in 1748 AD
  • There is tomb of Nawab Gulam Mohammad of Rampur

There are five old temples at Tira Sujanpur

  • The temple dedicated to Gauri Shankar was built during the time of Raja sansar Chand in 1793 AD in the sacred memory of his mother.
  • The temples of Murli Manohar and  Narvadeshwar built by Prasanna Devi,  the Suketi Rani of Raja Sansar Chand.
  • Other temples of repute are the Mahadev temple, Devi and Vyasheshwar (dedicated to Rishi Vyas temple)
  • The Chaugan (ground) of Sujanpur is famous for Holi Mela held in the month of March
  • Obreen’s horse’s grave (he was Raja Sansar Chand’s commander) is also located in Sujanpur.
  • The territory was first visited by a German named Treveck and then by a british traveller named Moorcraft

2. Deotsidh

  • A famous cave temple dedicated to Baba Balak Nath (considered an incarnation of Lord Shiva)
  • Located in the scenic terrains of Dhaulgiri Hills and atop Deotsidh Dhar Range in Shivalik Hills
  • A holy shrine here is inaccessible to women who are barred from entering the cave. 
  • They can view the deity from a raised platform, which is located in front of the cave temple.

3. Nadaun

  • Maharaja Sansar Chand of Kangra used to hold his court during summer for a number of years during his reign.
  • Nadaun is also known for Bilkeshwar Mahadev temple which is said to have been founded by the Pandavas.
  • Also famous for a Gurudwara founded in 1929. (known as Dasvin Patshahi / Nadaun Sahib)
  • Nadaun was also famous due to the fact that there were 200 singing and dancing girls at Nadaun
  • Amtar ground at Nadaun

4. Markanda

  • On the bank of Kunah Khad.
  • It is the place of Markandeya Rishi
  • According to Puranas, it is there that the idol of Rishi Markandeya was installed.
  • A natural water spring is also located there.
  • The fair of Markanda is also famous (held on Baisakhi (April 13) every year)

5. Bhota

  • The place is famous for Radha Swami Satsang and one of the largest hospitals of the state has been constructed by the same religious trust.

Fairs of Hamirpur District

  1. Gasota Mahadev
  2. Holi of Tira Sujanpur
  3. Baba Deotsidh fair
  4. Ghasian fair
  5. Awah Devi fair
  6. Jhaniary fair
  7. Piplu-ra-Mela
  8. Sair fair (Ladraur)
  9. Baggi Mela
  10. Tauni Devi fair
  11. Markanda fair
  • The fairs which have only commercial significance are the cattle fairs at Jahu, Chakmoh, and Dhirar.
  • The Sair Fair of Ladraur is quite famous, held at Bhota Jahu road in the month of September. 
  • The place is also famous for the Santoshi Mata temple
  • On the hilltop known earlier as Turi-Ra-Rida (hilltop full of dust)
  • Lohri is also known as the Maghi festival.
  • Hamirpur is the most literate district in Himachal Pradesh.
  • The district has the highest density of roads in the state. (According to the HPPWD site, it was 245.35 km/ 100 sq. km. of area till the year 2020)
  • The district Hamirpur won the JRD Tata Memorial Award for the best implementation of government programs in the sectors of health, hygiene, population control, and improvement in child sex ratio (was conferred by Rajeev Kumar, vice-chairman of Niti Aayog in 2018)
  • A modern vegetable packing house and a cold room at Nadaun, district Hamirpur are being established
  • A cattle feed plant of 16 metric tonnes per day capacity at Bhor in district Hamirpur has been established
  • An herbal garden is established in the district at Neri.

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