Chamba Himachal Pradesh MCQ Questions and Answers



#1. Who was the founder of the state of Chamba (princely state)?

#2. Which Mughal emperor ordered the demolition of all the temples of the state of Chamba around 1678 AD?

#3. Whose Guru was Yogi Charpatnath?

#4. A military camp named Bakloh is located.

#5. Who named the city of Chamba after his daughter "Champavati?

#6. 'Chakli' was the famous coin of which state?

#7. In which year was Chamba Sevak Sangh established?

#8. Pathar Lekh found near Loh Tikri Churah (Chamba) belongs to which king?

#9. The last time Sati was practiced in Chamba was in 1844 AD, when the king ----------- died.

#10. In which region of Himachal is Mindal Vasani Devi recognized?

#11. For which work was Prakash Chand of Chamba given the President's Award?

#12. Which king of Chamba rejected the order of Aurangzeb in which he was asked to demolish the Hindu temples located in his kingdom?

#13. Which of the following is wrong with reference to Chamba?

#14. Who laid the foundation of Chamba Rangmahal in the middle of 18th century?

#15. Who succeeded Raja Bhuri Singh of Chamba?

#16. Who was the king of Chamba at the time of the invasion of Tibetans?

#17. In which year the king of the princely state of Chamba gave almost all the forests of his kingdom on lease?

#18. Who is credited with driving out the teams of Keer and Turushkas from Himachal Pradesh?

#19. Which king of Chamba first adopted the surname 'Varman'?

#20. Who was the last king of the state of Chamba?

#21. Which King of Chamba helped the British during the First World War?

#22. During which tenure of Chamba was the statue of Mrikuladevi installed in Udaipur-Mrikul?

#23. Who established a princely state whose capital was Brahmapura in the upper Ravi valley around the middle of the century?

#24. Who blessed Sahil Varman to be the father of ten sons and one daughter as the leader of the Chaurasi Sadhu group

#25. Who laid the foundation of the city of Chamba?

#26. Which king of Chamba killed King Dateshwar Pal of Kullu in a battle?

#27. "Chamba State People's Fedration" was formed?

#28. Who was the king of Chamba, contemporary of Mughal emperor Akbar?

#29. A citation engraved on the of the rock shows that the construction of a vihara for Buddhist monks in the Trigartha region was made by Krishna was done by the edict found on the rock is found

#30. In which year did Viceroy Lord Mayo first visit Chamba?

#31. What is the population density (in 2011) of Chamba district?

#32. The total area of Chamba district is 6528 sq km which is ------------ percent of the total area of Himachal Pradesh?

#33. Miyan Avatar Singh was the wazir of which princely state?

#34. Where is the famous 'Kamla Nehru Park' located in the state?

#35. Where was the headquarters of the princely state of Chamba in ancient times?

#36. Which king of Chamba shifted the capital from Brahmapura to Chamba?

#37. In which year did Raja Bhuri Singh take the throne?

#38. Which heir of the princely state of Chamba was rescued by a nurse and transported to another state because he was in danger of life from Jagat Singh?

#39. 'Bhatiyať is located in which district?

#40. 'Divari Kothi' and 'Saichu Nala' Pathar Lekha (Pangi) are related to the reign of which king?

#41. Which king of Chamba started using the word "Singh' in place of Varman.

#42. Chamba was the first European to come.

#43. What was the name of the ruler of the princely state of Chamba, who appointed a barber to the post of wazir because of his daughter's love interest?

#44. How many assembly seats are there in Chamba?

#45. Who was the ruler of Chamba kingdom in 680AD?

#46. Where was Rajsingh of Chamba and Sansar Chand of Kangra signed the treaty in 1788?

#47. Lakkad Shah Brahmin became famous in Chamba at the time of which king?

#48. In which year did the first hydroelectric power generation center start in Chamba city?

#49. Which queen sacrificed her life to bring water supply to Chamba city?

#50. Around which time was the Chamba princely state established?

#51. Which king (of Chamba) built the palace named Nada (Rajnagar)?

#52. When did Lord Curzon visit Chamba for the first time?


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