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  • Chamba is the North-Westen district of Himachal Pradesh
  • Total Area of Chamba District – 6528 sq km
  • Chamba district touches the boundaries with Jammu and Kashmir’ on the Northwest and west, Ladakh area of J&K
  • Lahaul and Bara Bangahal on the North-East, Kangra on the South-East, and Gurdaspur districts of Punjab on the South.
  • Population – 519080
  • Male – 261320
  • Female – 257760
  • Language – Hindi
  • Villages – Villages

Tehsil of Chamba District

Chamba district has 8 tehsils

  1. Chamba
  2. Chowari
  3. Sihnuta
  4. Churah
  5. Dalhousie
  6. Bharmour
  7. Pangi
  8. Salooni

Chamba District Map

Chamba district map

Rivers in Chamba District

District Chamba has Two main rivers, i.e. the Chenab or Chandrabhaga & the Ravi

1. Chenab River

  • Chenab enters Chamba & leaves at Sansiri Nala
  • Gold is found in this river in a small quantity.
  • The main tributaries of the Chenab are Miyar Nala, meeting at Udaipur, and Saichu Nala joining at Sach.

2. Ravi River

  • The Ravi is the main river, which drains the whole of the Chamba valley between the Dhauladhar and Pangi ranges.
  • It is called purushani or Irawati
  • Budhil and Tundah are the two main tributaries.
  • “(Saho or Sal from the (Saho ranges merges with the river. joins Ravi in Chamba town
  • The longest Tributary Siuland Seawa (from North) falls into it at a point where it touches Jammu territory.
  • It leaves the district at Kherito plains at Shahpur.

Rivers in Himachal Pradesh

Lakes in Chamba District

1. Manimahesh Lake

  • Manimahesh lake is situated in the Bharmour subdivision of Chamba at an altitude of 3950m at the foot of Mount Kailash (5660 m)
  • Manimahesh fair is held every year in the month of August/September (Bhadon).
  • Budhil stream arises from the Manimahesh lake.

2. Ghadasaru Lake

Ghadasaru lake is situated in the Churah tehsil of Chamba at an altitude of 3505m at the foot of mountain Gadasaru and has a 1 km circumference.

3. Khajjiar Lake

Khajjiar Lake is along with a temple dedicated to Khajji nag located here.
Khajjiar Lake is 1.5 km long and 1 km wide.
It was christened mini Switzerland by swiss envoy willy p blazer on 7th July 1992 (became the 160th tourist spot in the world to be christened mini Switzerland)

4. Lama Dal Lake

Lama dal Lake situated in the Dhauladhar ranges
It is a group of 7 lakes
These lakes are situated at an altitude of 3962m and have a 2 sq km area.
Lama dal Lake visited by Gaddis on the occasion of Janmashtami

5. Chandragupta

snow covers it most of the time
during the summer season, ice blocks keep floating in it

Other lakes of district Chamba includes- Mahakali, Dham Ghodi, Khundi Maral, Chakund, Khujand

Lakes In Himachal Pradesh

Ranges in Chamba District

1. Pir Panjal

  • This range of the Himachal in the Mid – Himalaya is called (Pir-Panjal by geologists and Pang Range by common people.
  • This range divides the Chamba into 2 unequal parts and forms the Pangi valley.
  • Pangi was formerly used as a place of banishment for political offenders

2. Dhauladhar

Dhauladhar range makes the border between Chamba and Kangra districts.

3. Hathi Dhar (Snowless Range)

  • The low range of hills called, the Hathidhar runs parallel to the South of Dhauladhar.

4. The Dagani Dhar

  • This is a small range that shoots off from the Pangi range from the point where the latter enters Jammu territory
  • The dagani dhar forms the boundary between Chamba & Bhadarwah in Jammu.

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