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Man-made lakes in Himachal Pradesh

(made due to the construction of dams / hydroelectric power projects)

1. Gobind Sagar Lake

Gobind Sagar Lake was formed due to a Bhakra dam built on the river Satluj.
District:- Govind Sagar lake is situated in district Bilaspur.
Length/area: – Length of Gobind Sagar Lake is:- 88 km,
Area of Gobind Sagar Lake is:-169 km

Gobind Sagar Lake
Source – Google Maps

Other characteristics of Gobind Sagar: – Gobind Sagar Lake is the largest man-made lake (as well as the largest overall lake of Himachal) formed due to the construction of Bhakra dam on Satluj river in 1963 (highest gravity dam of world- 226m). It also has the highest per hectare fish production in the country.

2. Pong Dam Lake

Pong lake formed due to a dam built on the river: – Beas River
District: – Pong lake is situated in district Kangra
length/area: – length of Pong Lake is 42 km

Pong Dam Lake
Source – Google maps

Other characteristics of Pong lake: – Pong lake is formed due to the construction of the pong dam in 1960 (type of earth-fill embankment dam)
Pong lake is also known as maharana pratap sagar
Pong lake was declared a sanctuary in 1983, and a Ramsar site in 2002
It has the highest sale price value of fish caught in the country
It is the only place in India other than Bharatpur (Rajasthan) where the rare red-necked grebe is found.

3. Pandoh Dam Lake

Pandoh lake formed due to a dam built on the river Beas
District:- Pandoh lake is situated in district Mandi

Pandoh Dam Lake
Source – Google Maps

Other characteristics of Pandoh dam:– Pandoh dam lake formed due to construction of Pandoh dam on Beas river after diverting the water of Beas river to Satluj at Slappar place

4. Chamera Lake

Chamera lake formed due to a dam built on the river: – Ravi
district:- Chamera lake is situated in district Chamba
It is formed owing to the construction of a 540 MW Chamera hydroelectric project on Ravi.

Chamera Lake
Source – Google maps

Natural lakes of Himachal Pradesh

Lakes in Chamba district

1. Manimahesh Lake

  • Manimahesh lake is situated in the Bharmour subdivision of Chamba at altitude – 3950m at the foot of Mount Kailash (5660 m)
  • Manimahesh fair is held every year in the month of August/September (Bhadon).
  • Budhil stream arises from the Manimahesh lake.

2. Ghadasaru Lake

Ghadasaru lake is situated in the Churah tehsil of Chamba at altitude – 3505m at the foot of mountain Gadasaru and has a 1 km circumference.

3. Khajjiar Lake

  • Khajjiar Lake is along with a temple dedicated to Khajji nag located here.
  • Khajjiar Lake is 1.5 km long and 1 km wide.
  • It was christened as mini Switzerland by Envoy Willy P. Blazer on 7th July 1992 (became the 160th tourist spot in the world to be christened mini Switzerland)

4. Lama dal Lake

  • Lama dal Lake situated in Dhauladhar ranges
  • It is a group of 7 lakes
  • These lakes are situated at an altitude of 3962m and have a 2 sq km area.
  • Lama dal Lake visited by Gaddis on the occasion of Janmashtami

5. Chanderkup Lake

snow covers it most of the time
during the summer season, ice blocks keep floating in it

Other lakes of district Chamba includes- Mahakali, Dham Ghodi, Khundi Maral, Chakund, Khujand

Lakes in Kangra District

6. Dal Lake

  • Dal lake is situated near Dharamshala.
  • There is a temple dedicated to lord Driveshwar built by sage Agastya.
  • After 15 days of Janmashtami, a fair known as Radha Ashtami takes place there.
  • It is also known as Bhagsunag lake.

7. Kareri Lake

  • It is a freshwater lake in the south of the Dhauladhar range. its waterfalls into Layun stream

8. Machhiyal Lake

  • This lake is in Mumta village near Nagrota Bhagwan on the bank of rivulet Jaugal.
  • There are temples of Machhinder Mahadev & Santoshi Mata on the sides of this lake.
  • It is situated in the Mandi district.

Lakes in Kangra District

9. Kumaarwah Lake

  • This lake in Chachiyot tehsil of Mandi
  • This is situated at an altitude of 3150m

10. Parashar Lake

  • A moon-shaped island is present in this lake.
  • On the bank of this lake, a temple in pagoda style.
  • This temple is built by king Bansen in 1326 ad.
  • Rishi Parashar was the father of Ved Vyas (creator of Mahabharata)

11. Rewalsar Lake

  • This lake is known as Padmachan among Buddhists which means lotus possessing & considered the place where the spirit of Padmasambhava rests.
  • The lake is also associated with nag cult or serpent worship known for its floating islands
  • This is a holy place for 3 religions- Hindu, Buddhist, Sikhs.
  • Hindus believe that Lomas rishi held his penance here in devotion to lord shiva
  • A gurudwara built in commemoration of Guru Gobind Singh’s visit.
  • Chaichu fair celebrated here in march

12. Kamrunag Lake

  • The height of Kamrunag lake is 3334m (11000 ft)
  • It is in Chachiyot tehsil of Mandi district

Other lakes of district Mandi – Kunt Bhayog, Kalasar, Sukhsar, Khadla Sar, Machhiyal (near Joginder Nagar & further 2 km southwards is the 1st mahseer farm of India at the village of Bhararu).

Lakes in Kullu District

13. Mantilai Lake : –

  • Origin/source of the lake is Parvati river
  • The height of Kamrunag lake is 4116m

14. Dashar lake

  • This lake is also known as Shela Sar
  • Legend says that Akbar’s daughter took bath in it and her paralysis was cured i.e. curative properties in its water

15. Sarwalsar/Sareulsar lake

  • Sarwalsar/Sareulsar lake is famous for a bird called Abhi (cleans the lake)
  • It is situated on the top of Jalori pass.

Other lakes of kullu district – nainsarovar, bhrigu, shringtung, dehnasar/danasar,dyori, hansa, rani sui, kulta saur, saur kundi

Lakes in Lahaul Spiti District

16. Suraj Tal Lake

  • Suraj Tal Lake is the highest lake of Himachal Pradesh. (at altitude of 4883m)
  • This lake is located opposite Baralacha la pass.
  • This lake is the origin of the Bhaga river.

17. Chandra Tal lake

  • Chandra Tal lake is also known as the lake of the moon because of its crescent shape.
  • It is situated at an altitude – of 4270 km & a circumference of 2.5 km.
  • This lake is the source of the Chandra river.
  • Chinese pilgrim Huen Tsang called this lake Lohitya Sarover. (visited during the reign of Harshvardhana)
  • It is a Ramsar site.
  • A stamp of ₹ 5 was issued on it in 2015.

18. Neelkanth lake

  • Neelkanth lake in nain gahar valley of lahaul spiti.
  • women are barred from visiting this lake.

Other lakes of Lahaul Spiti – Deepak Tal, Yunam-so, Yang chow, Mane.

Lakes in Shimla District

19. Chandra Nahan lake : –

  • Chandra Nahan lake is situated on Chanchal peak in Rohru tehsil, Shimla
  • This lake is the origin of the Pabbar river
  • The altitude of the lake is 4267m.

20. Karali lake

  • Karali Lake is located on the Chhoti Shali hillock just on the other side of Shali peak.
  • The size of the lake is almost equal to the size of the Annadale ground of Shimla sheet of dirty water.

21. Bradonsar lake

Bradonsar lake is between Sangla of Kinnaur & Dodrakawar of Shimla

Other lakes of Shimla – Garh kuffar, Tanu jubbal ( near narkanda), Saru tal

Lakes in Kinnaur District

22. Sorang lake

Sorang lake is in Nichar tehsil above Jani & Ramni village.

23. Nako Lake

  • Nako Lake is in Hangrang Valley.
  • This lake is also famous for skating.
  • The altitude of the lake is 3662m.

Other lakes of Kinnaur – Yulakanda, Kara, Thorate

Lakes in Sirmour District

24. Renuka lake

  • Renuka lake is located near Dadahu
  • Largest natural lake of Himachal.
  • 2.5 km circumference
  • Shap of the lake is like a sleeping woman
  • It is a Ramsar site

25. Saketi/Suketi lake

Saketi/Suketi lake is located on the left bank of Markanda river near Shivalik fossil park
in Sirmour district.

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