Sources of History of Himachal Pradesh MCQ Questions and Answers


#1. What are the main information sources about Ranas and Thakurs of Himachal Pradesh?

#2. In the 20th century, where did the coins of the kingdom of Kulind recovered?

#3. Which area of Himachal Pradesh was related to Chakli copper coins which were present around the 10th century?

#4. Chamba Princely State possessed more than 150 copper plate title deeds. Approximately how many of them belong to the pre-Mohammedan period?

#5. Where is the Sohan Valley, which was renowned for excavation of the old tools 40 thousand years ago?

#6. In which scripture is the ancient rock inscription of Pathiar and Kanihara of Kangra?

#7. Ancient inscriptions in Himachal Pradesh have not been inscribed in which one ancient script?

#8. Whose figure is found on the coins of the Audumbars?

#9. Which of the following princely states possesses more than 150 copper plate title deeds?


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