Solan Himachal Pradesh MCQ Questions and Answers



#1. At which place did the Timber Trail accident (ropeway) occur?

#2. Which one of the following indigenous princely states is not a part of the present Solan district?

#3. What is the area of Solan district?

#4. Which city is known as ‘Khumbh Nagari’?

#5. Who established the princely state of Kunihar in 1154 AD?

#6. When did Mahatma Gandhi visit Dharampur (Solan, Himachal Pradesh) and give a speech?

#7. Who founded the princely state of Mahlog?

#8. In which place of Himachal Pradesh is the Women’s Polytechnic Institute?

#9. What was the sex ratio of Solan district in 2011?

#10. Where was the summer capital of the Maharaja Patiala located before independence?

#11. King Durga Singh was the last ruler of which state?

#12. Which king made Nalagarh the capital of the princely state of Hindur?

#13. When did Solan become a district?

#14. What was the population growth rate of Solan district in 2011?

#15. How many assembly seats are there in Solan?

#16. Subathu town was formerly part of which state?

#17. Former royalty states Baghal and Baghat were parts of which district?

#18. Which king of Hindur invaded Kahlur and captured the forts of Fatehpur, Ratanpur and Bahadurpur?

#19. Who founded the princely state of Hindur (Nalagarh)?

#20. In 1966, before joining Punjab in Himachal. Kandaghat was part of which district of Punjab (present day Haryana)?

#21. Who founded the Princely state of Bhagal?

#22. Mangal, Beja, Hindur, Bhangal, Baghat, Kuthar Mahlog are currently part of which district?

#23. With whom is the famous ‘Anees villa’ building at Solan related?

#24. Who founded the princely state of Kuthar?

#25. Solan was the capital?

#26. Which hill state of Himachal Pradesh was merged by Lord Dalhousie's Lapse Policy in the English Empire?

#27. Nalagarh (Hindur) was a branch of which state?

#28. Handur (Nalagath) and Bhagal have been the districts of which state in the past?


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