Mughal Period of Himachal Pradesh MCQ Questions and Answers



#1. Which ruler of the principality helped to capture the fort of Kangra of Mughal emperor Jahangir?

#2. Who was the contemporary ruler of the Chamba of Mughal emperor Akbar?

#3. Which king of Guler was given the title of "Sher-e- Afghan" by Shah Jahan?

#4. Who was the last Mughal governor of Kangra Fort in 1740?

#5. Trilok Chandand and Harichand were contemporaries of which Mughal emperor?

#6. In which year did Mughal Emperor Akbar take over the Kullu province?

#7. To whom did the Mughal Emperor Akbar confer Kangra as a jagir in 1572 AD?

#8. In which of the following cities, Jahangir built a mosque inside the fort?

#9. Jahangir sent whom to capture Kangra Fort?

#10. Which King of Guler was conferred the title of 'Bahadur' by Jahangir?

#11. Which king of Kangra revolted against the Mughal Emperor Akbar, a confederate?

#12. The wife of Darashikoh regarded the king of which state as his son?

#13. The rulers of the hill states of Punjab who were hostages in the Mughal court, are given the title of 'Mian' given by which ruler?

#14. In 1645 AD, Shah Jahan sent which king of the state of Nurpur to control the Ujjain of Balkh?

#15. In the contemporary of Jahangir, who was the king of Kangra?

#16. Which king of Nurpur was killed by Bairam Khan in 1558 AD?

#17. Which Mughal emperor conferred the title of 'Raja' to Jagat Singh, the king of Kullu?

#18. Which Mughal emperor had imprisoned Jaichand, the ruler of Kangra?

#19. After the fall of the Mughal Empire and the Afghans' capture of Punjab in 1752, whose occupancy was established in the hill states?

#20. In 1620 AD, who was the first Mughal fortress of Kangra fort?

#21. In the contemporary (1572) of Akbar, who was the king of Guler?

#22. Who was the ruler of Bilaspur, the contemporary of Mughal emperor Akbar?

#23. In 1588-89 AD, which king of Kangra organized all the hill chiefs from Jammu to Kangra against Akbar?

#24. In which year did Jahangir and Nur Jahan come to Sibba Raj?

#25. Who was the contemporary Sirmauri king of Mughal King Shahjahan?

#26. Which king of Himachal was given the title of Chhatrapati by Aurangzeb?

#27. The battle of Nerti took place between the rulers of which state?

#28. Who was the commander of the Mughal army which ruled Kangra in 1620 AD?

#29. From which Mughal emperor King of Chamba got the statue of 'Raghuveer', the deity?

#30. During the reign of which Mughal emperor was the capital of Nurpur state shifted from Pathankot to Nurpur?

#31. Which miracle forced the Mughal Emperor Akbar to return the golden coins collected from the Jamlu as royal revenues?

#32. Which ruler extended his kingdom after the dissolution of the Mughal empire?


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