Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh MCQ Questions and Answers


#1. Kinnaur was a part of the Adyopanta Bushahr state. The old capital of the Bushahr state was Kamru. Who was its first ruler?

#2. Who was the first king of Kinnaur?

#3. Kinnaur district falls under which Lok Sabha constituency?

#4. Whom did Kehri Singh support in the 'Tibetan-Ladakhi' battle?

#5. Ribba, the land of grapes, is in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

#6. Which are the local goddesses of Chitkul' village in Kinnaur district?

#7. Which was the sixth district of Himachal Pradesh?

#8. How many villages of Rampur tehsil were transferred apart from the Chini tehsil of Mahasu district to constitute Kinnaur district in 1460 AD?

#9. Who ordered Himachal Pradesh Energy Corporation to refrain from cutting down trees in the heartland of tribal district Kinnaur district?

#10. By what name did the Tibetans call Kinnaur?

#11. In which century did the treaty between King Kehri Singh of Bushahr and Tibet take place?

#12. Which tehsil of Mahasu district was cut and made Kinnaur?

#13. Before Kinnaur was part of which state?

#14. 'Telangi Selection' and 'Ribba Selection' are local varieties of which nuts?

#15. Where is the headquarters of Kinnaur district?

#16. What is the area of Kinnaur district?


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