Sikh Guru, Sikh Empire, And Hill States MCQ Questions and Answers




#1. Guru Gobind Singh traveled to Sirmaur during the reign of which king?

#2. For the prosperity of which state, did Guru Gobind Singh perform Akhand Kirtan for eighteen days?

#3. When Guru Gobind Singh came to Mandi principality, who was the king of that city?

#4. In which year the battle of Bhangani Sahib was fought?

#5. "The battle of Bhangani Sahib" near Paonta Sahib was between Guru Govind Singh and Raja of _____ .

#6. When Guru Gobind Singh came to Kullu, who was the king of that time?

#7. In 1682 AD, when Guru Gobind Singh came to Bilaspur, who was the king of that country?

#8. Which Sikh guru took three villages from the queen of Kahlur and made his residence as Makhowal village (later known as Anandpur Sahib)?

#9. Who led the Sikh army against Suket and Mandi princely states around 1840 AD?

#10. In which year did Jai Singh Kanhaiya defeat Jassa Singh Ramgarhia and capture Kangra?

#11. Why did King Sansar Chand give Kangra Fort and 66 villages to Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

#12. In 1770, who forced Raja Ghamchand to pay his tribute?

#13. Which year was the Treaty of Jwalamukhi between King Sansar Chand and Maharaja Ranjit Singh signed?

#14. To whom did Maharaja Ranjit Singh entrust the estate of 'Nadaun' in 1830 AD?

#15. In 1759 AD, who was appointed by Ahmad Shah Durrani as Governor of Punjab?

#16. In which year, General Zorawar Singh joined the area of Lahaul Spiti in his Sikh state.

#17. The first Sikh to invade the hills of Kangra was Sardar-

#18. Which princely state's king was captured by the Sikh army around 1840 AD?

#19. Which year did the kingdom of Dattarpur come under the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

#20. Which of the following mediated between King Sansar Chand and Jai Singh Ramgarhia to resolve the dispute over the fort of Kangra?

#21. In which year did Maharaja Ranjit Singh had grabbed the 'Jaswan' state?

#22. In which year Maharaja Sansar Chand died?

#23. After defeating the Gorkhas, who was the first Najim or Governor of Kangra Hill appointed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

#24. Which jagir was granted by Maharaja Ranjit Singh to King Ranveer Chand around 1846 AD?

#25. Which main demand led to bitterness in relations between Maharaja Ranjit Singh and King Aniruddh Chand of Kangra?

#26. Which princely state's king ran away to the mountains to avoid the invasion of the army of soldiers around 1840?

#27. Was the last state of the Kangra group losing its independence from the Sikhs?

#28. Whom did Maharaja Ranjit Singh gifted the Jagir of 'Rajgir' in 1828?

#29. In what year did the Sikh army occupy Mandi's 'Kamlahgarh fort’?

#30. Guler was a part of which princely state till 1846 of 1876 AD?


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