Ancient History of Himachal Pradesh (Mauryan & Gupta Period) MCQ Questions



#1. Who was the author of the proclamation written on stone at Kalsi near Tons and Yamuna river?

#2. A Muslim ruler transferred a stupa built by Ashoka in Paonta Valley of Himachal Pradesh to which place at Delhi?

#3. A famous village for its oldest structure, whose name is associated with Alexander the Great.

#4. Which year did Alexander reach the banks of the river Beas and construct twelve altars.

#5. What was the main reason for Alexander's decision to not move beyond the Beas river in the middle of his India victory?

#6. Which Indian emperor forced the Kulindas, Yudheyas and Adumbar to accept their sovereignty?

#7. Who was Toramana?

#8. Which year did Hiuen Tsang visit India?

#9. In his description, who has described Trigarta "as a state 267 miles long from east to west and 213 miles from north to south"?

#10. In 480-490, after the disintegration of the Gupta empire, who among the following had established himself as a powerful ruler?


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