Gorkha Invasion-Its Nature & Consequences, And Treaty of Sugauli MCQ



#1. Where is the historic site of Mahalmoria, where there was a war between Raja Sansar Chand and Gorkhas?

#2. In 1805, Amar Singh Thapa defeated Sansar Chand at which place?

#3. During the first quarter of the nineteenth century, where did the decisive battle between the Gorkhas and the British happen?

#4. A decisive battle between Gorkha and Bushahr kingdom in 1514 AD, in which Gorkhas were banished, where was it?

#5. How long did the Gorkhas hold power over the princely state of Bilaspur?

#6. In the early nineteenth century, who led the Gorkha army who attacked many hill states?

#7. Which king of Bilaspur invited the Gorkhas to support against King Sansar Chand of Kangra?

#8. In the year 1804 when the Gorkhas attacked Kangra, who was the King of Jaswan at that time?

#9. 'Malaun Fort' in which area is located in Himachal Pradesh?

#10. In May 1815, at which fort there was a fight between the British and Gorkhas, where Bhakti Thapa was killed?

#11. Which of the Treaty indicates the departure of the Gorkhas and the arrival of the British to Shimla's political landscape?

#12. Which two parties signed the Treaty of Sugauli in 1815?

#13. In 1804 AD, the rulers of Bilaspur, Mandi, Chamba and small kings of Kangra district invited whom to win Kangra?

#14. Raja Sansar Chand had to seek external help to expel Gorkha from Kangra. Who provided this crisis assistance?

#15. In 1805, which Gorkha leader of Kangra was defeated by Hamirpur?

#16. In the list-I, the names of the travelers and the time of their visit to the list-II are given: List-I (i) Hiuen Tsang. (ii) W. Moorcroft. (iii) Alexander Gerard. (iv) J.B. Fraser. list-II (a) 1815 AD (b) 1820-22 AD (c) 630 AD (d) 1817-18 AD Arrange the above mentioned according to the year of their excursions by following code:


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