Balh valley: Himachal Pradesh

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The Balh valley lies in the Mandi district at an average elevation of 800 meters.

The valley stretches from Shimla ridge through Shivalik hills and Gutker in the north to Sundernagar in the south, Baggi in the east, and Galma in the West.

Suketi stream, the greatest benefactor of the valley divides it roughly into two parts.

The soil is sandy loam to loam in texture and light grey to brown in color.

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Balh valley: Himachal Pradesh 2

The main crops grown in the valley are wheat, maize, sugarcane, ginger, and paddy.

In November 1962, Indo-German Agricultural Project was started in Balh valley. It emphasized mixed farming, dairying, animal husbandry, horticulture, and vegetable cultivation. Manuring and soil conservation were also included in the Project.

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