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HP High Court Process Server Exam Syllabus – 2022


The competitive examination for filling up the post(s) of Process Server (s) (Direct Recruitment) shall be conducted in the manner prescribed herein below:-

1.Screening Test

A Screening Test (both in English and Hindi) consisting of MCQ type, carrying four choices for each question, out of which the correct answer shall have to be given by the candidate on OMR answer sheet by blackening the appropriate circle or any other mode as’ suggested in the question paper/O.M.R. sheet. Each question shall carry equal weightage of one mark. The Screening test shall be touching the following subject:-

General Knowledge :-
Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions of 1 mark each, consisting of mathematics, General Science, English, Hindi, Reasoning of +2 Standard and General Knowledcie.
50 Marks
Maximum Marks50
Time1 hour

2.Written test :-

Essay Writing, in 25 Hindi, on one topic out of three (250 words)25
Application/Letter, in English, in about 100 words15

Note:-Weightage shall be given to the candidates having good and legible handwriting.

3. Evaluation:-

Evaluation shall be of 10 Marks

Educational Qualification5 marks
Experience (as Class IV or on Clerical post etc.)5 marks

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