UPSC question paper – 2001 – 2005 –Arithmetic




#1. There are 6 person ; A ,B, C, D, E and F. A has 3 items more than C D has 4 items less than B E has 6 items less than F C has 2 items more than E F has 3 items more than D Which one of the following figure can not be equal to the total number of items possessed by all the 6 persons? [2005]

#2. Left pan of a faulty weight weighs 100 gram more than its right pan. A shopkeeper keeps the weight measure in the left pan while buying goods but keeps it in the right pan while selling his goods. He uses only 1 kg weight measure. If he sells his goods at the listed cost price, what is his gain? [2005]

#3. Three bells toll at intervals of 9, 12 and 15 minutes respectively. All the three begin to toll at 8 a.m. At what time will they toll together again? [2003]

#4. A trader fixed the price of an article in such a way that by giving a rebate of 10% on the price fixed, he made a profit of 15%. If the cost of the article is ` 72, the price fixed on it, is [2002]

#5. In a company, 60% of the employees are men. Of these 40% are drawing more than ` 50,000 per year. If 36% of the total employees of the company draw more than ` 50,000 per year, what is the percentage of women who are drawing less than ` 50,000 per year? [2002]

#6. The age of a man is three times the sum of the ages of his two sons. Five years hence, his age will be double of the sum of the ages of his sons. The father's present age is [2002]

#7. When the time in the wall-clock is 3.25 p.m., the acute angle between the hours-hand and the minutes-hand is [2002]

#8. Amit started a business by investing ` 30,000. Rahul joined the business after some time and invested ` 20,000. At the end of the year, profit was divided in the ratio of 2 : 1. After how many months did Rahul join the business? [2002]

#9. In 1930, a person’s age was 8 times that of his Son. In 1938, the father's age became ten times that of his son’s age in 1930. The ages of the son and father in 1940 were respectively [2001]

#10. In a survey, it was found that 80% of those surveyed owned a car while 60% of those surveyed owned a mobile phone. If 55% owned both a car and a mobile phone, what percent of those surveyed owned a car or a mobile phone or both?[2001]

#11. A city has a population of 3,00,000 out of which 1,80,000 are males. 50% of the population is literate. If 70% of the males are literate, the number of literate females is [2001]

#12. Water is filled in a container in such a manner that its volume doubles after every five minutes. If it takes 30 minutes for the container to be full, in how much time will it be one- fourth full? [2001]

#13. For the system of equations x 2 + y 2 = 34, x 4 – y 4 = 544, the values of x and y are [2001]


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