UPSC question paper – 1995 – 2000-Data Interpretation




#1. The distribution of 1,00,000 tourists who visited India during a particular year is shown in the given charts. Based on this, the number of Japanese tourists below the age of 39 who visited India in the year concerned is [2000]

#2. A company manufacturing air-conditioners set a monthly target. The target and realised values are shown in the bar chart. [1999] Consider the following statements based on the chart 1. The targeted sales on a monthly basis have been achieved 2. The overall target value has been exceeded by 7.5% 3. The Sales Department deserves a pat on the back Which of the above statements is/are correct?

#3. The yield versus fertilizer input is shown in the graph. [1999] Consider the following statements based on this graph: 1. Yield rate is zero at B and C 2. There is no yield with no fertilizer input 3. The yield is minimum at D 4. The yield is neither minimum nor maximum at C Which of the above statements are correct?

#4. Production of Rice and Wheat (In ‘million of Tonnes’) [1998] The above table indicates the performance of India in rice and wheat production from 1950-51 to 1995-96. Which of the following conclusions arrived at from the above table would be valid? 1. Record production of rice as well as wheat has been increasing in 1994-95 2. The ratio of wheat to rice production seems to have steadily increased over 16 years 3 Wheat has not been popular among the Indian population before 1980 4. India became self-sufficient in rice and wheat only after 1990 Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

#5. The misery index is the sum of a country's unemployment and inflation rate. The higher the index, the more miserable is the country to live in. The figure given below is the misery index for various countries in Europe. [1998] Which of the following conclusions can be drawn from the misery index given above? 1. Britain is the most miserable country to live In 2. The inflation rate in Spain is less than that in Belgium and Britain 3. Italy and France seem to have almost identical unemployment 4. The higher the misery index, the higher the inflation rate Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

#6. The following table shows the percent change in the amount of sales (in rupees) at different retail stores in a given neighbourhood market in the period 1993 to 1995 [1997] If the sales at Anshu store amounted to ` 8 lakh in 1993, then the amount of sales (in lakh rupees) at that store in 1995 was

#7. The number of students in two sections, A and B having different heights is shown in the following Table. [1997] The ratio of the number of students of a particular height in section A to that in section B is the maximum for the height of

#8. The given pie charts show the proportion of literates and illiterates in a country, in the year 1970 and 1990,and also the proportion of males (M) and females (F) among the literates. Which one of the following statements can be said to be true beyond any doubt? [1996]

#9. The following figure represents sales (in thousands). over the period 1978 to 1983. [1996] The sales in 1981 exceeded that in 1979 by

#10. The following table shows the percentage distribution of revenue expenditure of Government of India in 1989-90 and 1994-95 : Based on this table, it can be said that the Indian economy is in poor shape because the Central government continues to be under pressure to : [1996]

#11. The price fluctuations of 4 scrips in a stock market in the four quarters of a year are shown in the table below. Four different investors had the following portfolios of investment in the four companies throughout the year. In the light of the above which one of the following statement is correct? [1995]

#12. The variations in temperatures form 0°C to 100°C with respect to time of two liquids P, Q are shown in the graph given below: [1995] Which one of the following statements is correct?

#13. Consider the table given below providing details of traffic volume per hour for four locations: [1995] When the total traffic volume is the same, respectively the factor(s) which affect(s) the noise pollution level is/are

#14. Consider the diagram given below: [1995] From the diagram shown it would be right to conclude that


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