HPSSC Traffic Inspector question paper – 2021 – Polity



#1. Which of the following describes India as a secular state?

#2. One third of the members of the Rajya Sabha retire after every :

#3. The legislative powers are vested in the:

#4. The age of retirement of the Judges of the High court is:

#5. In which year were the first general elections held in India ?

#6. Total number of schedules now in Indian Constitution is:

#7. The state having the largest population of Scheduled castes is:

#8. The president of USA is elected after every ;

#9. Which is regarded as guardian of the Constitution of India ?

#10. Who is elected by single-transferable vote method in India ?

#11. Which is presided by non-member ?

#12. Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India?

#13. From which language, has the term 'democracy' been derived?

#14. Who has termed Constitution sacred document ?

#15. The joint sitting of both houses of parliament is presided over :


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