Secretariat Clerk Previous Year Question Paper 2022




#1. Which is the lower house of Parliament ?

#2. Who is the ex-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha ?

#3. Who has the final power to maintain order within the House of People ?

#4. Amongst the questions allowed by the speaker, which is regarded as the most important?

#5. Members of the Rajya Sabha are elected according to

#6. When can a President use his discretion in appointing the Prime Minister?

#7. Government imposes taxes to

#8. Who acts as the President of India when neither the President nor the Vice President is available?

#9. The Chief Justice and other Judges of the High Court are appointed by the

#10. ‘Which is enforceable in a court of law ?

#11. Recognition to a political party is accorded by

#12. In the-Constitution, setting up of a village panchayats finds,mention under ?

#13. Term of CAG of India is

#14. The Anti Deféction Law was enacted as early as 1979 in

#15. A tax that takes away a higher proportion of one’s income as the income rises is termed as

#16. Bank Rate means

#17. Life Insurance Corporation is an example of

#18. The period of the first five year plan was -

#19. The steel plants at Durgapury Bhilai and Rourkela were established during the period of

#20. One astronomical unit is the average distance between which of the following ?

#21. When does tides rise in a sea ?

#22. The network of the series of vertical and horizontal lines is known as

#23. The sea water is more salty than rain water because

#24. What is the ecological system integrating all living beings and their relationships ?

#25. ‘Steppe’ is related to which biome ?

#26. The sea water is more salty than rain water because

#27. What is the ecological system integrating all living beings and their relationship?

#28. Which river is not related to Punjab ?

#29. During the South-West Monsoon, Tamil Nadu remains dry because

#30. Which river is not related to Punjab ?

#31. During the South-West Monsoon, Tamil Nadu remains dry because

#32. The laterite soil is found in which/of'the following states ?

#33. Which is not a cause of soil erosion ?

#34. Which was the first scheme of Biosphere Reserve ?

#35. Which hydropower project is not in Tamil Nadu ?

#36. Which neighbouring country of India is the largest producer of opium in the world ?

#37. India’s biggest tribal group is

#38. When did India adopt the international Tsunami warning system ?

#39. What do you call the study of fungi ?

#40. In India, there are many coal fields found in

#41. Early blight is a common disease of

#42. Biodegradable wastes can usually be converted into useful substances with the help of

#43. Deficiency of Vitamin D in children causes

#44. Haemoglobin has highest affinity for

#45. The number of teeth which are replaced in men are

#46. The functional unit of ‘Kidney’ is

#47. Meningitis is a disease which affects the

#48. High level of uric acid,in the blood.causes

#49. The animal which can tolerate more summer heat is

#50. When hot liquid is poured into a thick glass tumbler it cracks because glass

#51. Vegetables are cooked in lesser time by adding a pinch of salt while cooking because ,

#52. In a filament type light bulb, most of the electric power consumed appear as

#53. Conversion of sound energy into electrical energy is done by

#54. Which is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors ?

#55. Which is a pure element ?

#56. An image formed by a plane mirror, that cannot be obtained on a screen is called

#57. Which mineral does not contain Oxygen ?

#58. Which gas is coloured ?

#59. Fire-Fighting clothes are made from

#60. Basheshwar Mahadev temple is located at which place

#61. Who founded Shonitpur (modern Safahan) in HP ?

#62. In which yeat-first tribal festival ‘Phulaich’ was celebrated ?

#63. Draupadi was supposed to be cremated at which place in HP ?

#64. Which rivulets joins Pabbar near Chirgaon in HP ?

#65. The hills of Una district of HP are the

#66. Churah tehsil is in which district of HP ?

#67. What is the length of Nangal.Dam — Chururu Rail line ?

#68. The Army Headquarters was permanently setup in Shimla in which year ?

#69. Which book has not been written by Yash Pal?

#70. The headquarters of theKangra Central Co-operative Bank is at

#71. Shilli Wildlife Sanctuary in district Solan was setup in which year ?

#72. The Girths cultivating tribe are found in

#73. Central School at Jakhoo was originally known as

#74. People of Baghal Princely State revolt against their chief in

#75. Who was the first secretary to HP Vidhan Sabha ?

#76. Who succeeded Kehri Singh in 1811 AD as the Raja of Bushahr.?

#77. Who was the contemporary-uler of*Chamba to Mughal Emperor Akbar ?

#78. ‘Which fortis not located in Bilaspur district of HP ?

#79. Who was the ruler of Kangra when Chinese Pilgrims Hiuen Tsang visited there in 635 AD?

#80. Roster : Duty :: Inventory : ?

#81. 25 is related to 37 in the same way as 49 is related to

#82. Missing terms in letter series ab_ _ _ b _ baa_ are

#83. Which letter is 14" to the right of 6" letter from the left in English alphabates ?

#84. In a certain code language the word ‘GLANCING’ is written as ‘HNDRGLPH”’. How will the word ACOURTESY’ be written in that language ?

#85. In a certain code MEAN 1 is written as 5123 and NOW is written as 368.How is MOAN written in that code ?

#86. In a certain code language jo ka re means full cup tea, ka po te means milk in cup and jo te ma means tea with milk. What is the code for in ?

#87. From a point ‘Q’ Alok starts walking towards south and after walking 25m he tums to his left and walks 40 m and reaches point F. In which direction is he with reference to the starting point ‘Q’ ?

#88. In a row of students, Amanya is 18 from either end of the row. Find the number of students in a row.

#89. Pointing to a photograph, a man said, “She is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son.” How is the woman related to the man ?

#90. Which institution has recently launched the ‘Swavalamban Challenge Fund (SCF) ?

#91. Mannu Bhandari, who passed away recently, was associated with which field ?

#92. Which country won the T20 World Cup Trophy in 2021 ?

#93. Which country is set to host the first tribal nations summit since 2016 ?

#94. Which State has recently approved ‘Kaiser-i-Hind’ as the state butterfly ?

#95. Which Union Ministry has recently launched a unified mobile app for the "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav" events ?

#96. Which country formed a Parliamentary Friendship Assotiation with India recently ?

#97. Which company has recently launched new smaller dish to connect with satellites in low earth orbit )

#98. Which country is set to host the UN Climate Change Conference COP27 in 2022 ?

#99. “Historical Resolution” which was in the news recently, is associated with which country ?

#100. Choose the most appropriate option out of the four given alternatives A, B, C and D to fill in the blank. The opposite forces went on fighting ________ the night.

#101. He does not like_____ better.

#102. As the festival approaches, the number of customers

#103. Boys are usually dependent on ‘their parents________ they earn enough money to support themselves.

#104. I shall not do the work unless you___ me more money."

#105. Dim

#106. Callous

#107. Mortal

#108. Confess

#109. Scold

#110. To play ona fiddle

#111. To oil the knocker

#112. To live fast ‘

#113. Swan-Song

#114. To speak daggers

#115. The caste system of India was Greated for

#116. Which statement on the ‘Harappan Civilization is correct ?

#117. The caste system of India was Greated for

#118. Santhara is a religious ritual of which community ?

#119. Which emperor wrote the play “Nagananda’ in Sanskrit language ?

#120. Which writer has called Akbar’s Din-i-Ilahi as a monument of his folly, not of Wisdom?

#121. The Tomb of Jahangir was built at

#122. From where did Acharya Vinoba Bhave start the Individual satyagraha in 1940 ?

#123. The Swadeshi Movement was launched

#124. What was Lag Lajpat Rai demonstrating against when he succumbed to police brutality ?

#125. British Crown assumed sovereignty over India from the East India Company in which year ?

#126. Which fundamental right in the Indian Constitution states that all persons shall be equally protected by the laws of the country ?

#127. Separation of the judiciary from the executive has been provided in which part of the Indian Constitution ?

#128. Which of the following statement is not correct’?

#129. Which of the following parliamentary constituency is the largest in terms of area ?

#130. Which is related to Advisory Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court ?

#131. What is the system of local self-government in the Panchayati Raj setup ?

#132. Article 368 of the Indian Constitution deals with

#133. “The soul of India lives if villages.” Whose statement is this ?

#134. The surface temperature of the sun is measured

#135. The ozone hole is detected in the atmosphere Where it is located ?

#136. For which of the following reason, it is necessary to secure a large area for forest ?

#137. Why does the west coast of India receive more rainfall trom south-west monsoon than the east coast ?

#138. Which has been declared as the marine park by Indian government for the conservation of Coral Reef ?

#139. The Umian hydropower project dam is located near

#140. Which vitamin deficiency causes the disease, pernicious anaemia ?

#141. What happens to a person who receive the wrong type of blood ?

#142. Cloudy nights are warmer because clouds mainly

#143. The Rainbow has

#144. Match stick uses

#145. At room temperature, the metal that remains liquid is .

#146. Which is not open source software ?

#147. Who invented word processing ?

#148. ‘Which is not word-processing software ?

#149. How many types of alignments are there in modern word processor ?

#150. Which programme is not included in Libre Office Suite ?

#151. What is template in writer programme ?

#152. Programme, in which menu is Auto Save facility is placed ?

#153. where is Zoom slider located ?

#154. Single spacing in MS-Word document causes ___________point time spacing.

#155. In a document, what is the maximum number of columns that can be inserted in MS-Word Table ?

#156. By default, your document prints with

#157. What do you call ‘a collection of character and paragraph formatting commands’ ?

#158. Which enables you to move directly to spécific location in a document ?

#159. What is the shortcut key to “Insert Hyperlink” in a document ?

#160. Number of personal computers in which word processor is already installed is about?

#161. Special part of computer memory to temporarily hold information for later use is called

#162. An example of a block move operation is

#163. Boilerplate is

#164. Windows are especially helpful for

#165. Which was the chief feature of Rigvedic religion ?

#166. The Proceeding of the Fourth Buddhist Council led to the issue of which Edict ?

#167. The Huna leader Mihirkula: was defeated by ashodharman

#168. Which Rajput dynasty did not surrender to Akbar ?

#169. The most famons court poet (in Hindi literature) of Akbar was:

#170. The famous monastery at Vikramasila was founded by the

#171. Mahabharat is also known as

#172. Mongols intruded into India for the first time during the reign of

#173. The Hijra era is counted from

#174. Who were the first to issue gold coins in India ?

#175. The Delhi Sultanate virtually ended due to the invasion of

#176. The first main British Parliamentary Act regarding East India Company’s administration in India was .

#177. Who could not be captured by the British in 1857 ?

#178. The resolution to start the Quit India Movement’ was adopted by INC at its - Session held at

#179. Ryotwari was started by

#180. Who presided over the Cabinet Mission ?

#181. What was the name of the periodical published by Mahatma Gandhi during, his stay in South Africa ?

#182. The first Round Table Conference was held in:-

#183. The All India Muslim League was formed in 1906 at

#184. Who coined the,slogan ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ ?

#185. Who presided over the inaugural meeting of ue Constituent Assembely of India?

#186. निर्देश शुद्ध शब्द चुनिए

#187. निर्देश शुद्ध शब्द चुनिए

#188. निर्देश शुद्ध शब्द चुनिए

#189. निर्देश शुद्ध शब्द चुनिए

#190. निर्देश शुद्ध शब्द चुनिए

#191. 'व्यूह' का संधि विच्छेद है

#192. 'सूत' का तत्सम है

#193. 'माली' का स्त्रीलिंग है

#194. 'गीत' का बहुवचन है।

#195. 'शोकाकुल' में समास हैं

#196. . 'क्रिया' का विशेषण है

#197. परलोक' में उपसर्ग है

#198. 'फेस' में प्रत्यय है

#199. 'आज्ञा' का पर्यायवाची है

#200. 'जड़ खोदना' मुहावरे का अर्थ है


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