Regional Manager HRTCquestion paper –2020-FINANCIAL MANAGMENT




#1. Interest rate swaps belong to which source of short term finance?

#2. Inventory is disclosed in financial statements under ________________________.

#3. A reduction in the risk free rate _________________________ the cost of equity

#4. Having a 10 year maturity ABC bond has an annual coupon rate of 9%. The bond price of ABC closed at 106% of par value currently. Assuming that the par value of the bond is Rs.1,000/-, the annual current yield of the bond is___________________.

#5. Suppose stocks of ABC Ltd. are trading at a current price of Rs 26.75 and with current dividend of Rs. 1 per share. You believe that over the long run company’s earnings and dividend will grow at 7%. For the long run, you expect a nominal risk-free rate of about 6% and risk premium of 3%. The required rate of return is:

#6. Which of the following shows summary of a company's financial position at a specific date?

#7. Which of the following are revenue expenditures for an office equipment dealer? 1. sales promotion costs 2. warehouse extension costs 3. purchase of office equipment for resale 4. purchase of delivery vehicle for sales department

#8. Net working capital means:

#9. How would you arrange the different current assets in the order of liquidity?

#10. The cost of equity is equal to the

#11. Which of the following affects the cost of capital?

#12. Which of the following is true about Call Money Market? i. It is a part of National Money Market ii. Helps banks borrow from other banks without any collateral iii. Helps maintain the CRR iv. Loans having varying maturity from fifteen days to one year v. The day-to-day surplus funds, mostly of banks, are traded in


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