Regional Manager HRTCquestion paper –2020-COMPANY LAW




#1. A company is said to have been registered when ___________________.

#2. The Statutory Auditors of the company are appointed by ______________________.

#3. Article of Association of a company can be altered by _______________________.

#4. In case of Public company, a company can pay remuneration to Director not more than _________________%

#5. In case of Public Company the quorum should be _________ if the number of members as on the date of meeting is more than one thousand but up to five thousand.

#6. In case of a listed company, the report on Annual General Meeting should be prepared in addition to the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting as per the Section 121 of Companies Act, 2013. Such report shall be filed with the _____________ within ___________________ of the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting.

#7. The power of appointing additional director in a company can be exercised by the____________________.


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