HP Naib Tehsildar question paper – 2018 – History



#1. Which of the following Social Reforms was not considered essential by Gandhi for the transformation of society?

#2. The Dandi March was started by Gandhi on:

#3. In which special session of the Congress, Gandhi presented for approval of his idea of Satyagraha against the government?

#4. When did Gandhi realize that his struggle in India was not based on the Non-violence of the Brave?

#5. Which is not the feature of Gandhi’s theory of Trusteeship?

#6. Among the following who has been the Commanders-in-Chief of Indian Army after independence?

#7. The Deoband Programme of the study was reduced to :

#8. The first Director-General of the Archaeological Survey of India was:

#9. Which of the following, opened a co-education school in Moga (PUNJAB) in 1899 for improving the position of women?

#10. The first book written by Mahatma Gandhi was:

#11. Who was first President of B.J.P. when it was established on 6 April 1980 ?


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