HP Naib Tehsildar question paper – 2018 – GK





#1. Who has been awarded “Dada Saheb Phalke Award for 2017”?

#2. Recently which longest road tunnel between Srinagar and Jammu was opened by the Prime Minister?

#3. Which South Asian Satellite has been launched by ISRO in May 2017?

#4. Which has been thrust of “Paryatan Parv” organized by Ministry of Tourism from 5-25 October 2017?

#5. Among the following who was/were conferred ‘Padma Vibhushan Awards’ in 2017?

#6. Which date is being celebrated as International Day of Yoga?

#7. Who was given Bhupen Hazarika National Award, 2017?

#8. Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India?

#9. For the first time in October 2017 Ferry service in Gujarat has been started between which places?

#10. Who has been chosen for Indira Gandhi-Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for 2017?

#11. Which person of Indian origin got Australia’s Highest civilian honour for his contribution in the Ćeld of medicine and work for the community?

#12. Who has been conferred with France’s highest civilian honour-Legion d’Honneur in 2017?

#13. Among the following which Indian Judge has been elected to International Court of Justice?

#14. “Paradise Papers” recently leaked are related to which matter?

#15. Which countries have declared their intentions to leave UNESCO?

#16. Which organization won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017?

#17. Ninth Summit of BRICS in 2017 was held in which country?

#18. How many countries are members of SAARC?

#19. Who is Secretary General of UN?

#20. At present who is Prime Minister of Pakistan?

#21. In the Commonwealth Games at Gold Coast 2018 in which sport all the participants of India got medals?

#22. Who won the “Khel Ratna Award” in 2017?

#23. Who was the Chief Guest in the 68 Republic Day parade on 26 January 2017?

#24. Who has been recently appointed as Head of BCCI by the Hon’ble Supreme Court?

#25. Which opposition candidate contested Presidential election against ruling party’s candidate Ram Nath Kovind?

#26. Which Indian city has been declared as World’s Heritage City by UNESCO in 2017?

#27. Who is appointed as Chief of Film Censor Board in India in 2017?


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