JOAIT Previous Year Question Paper – Post Code – 477– 2021



Previous Year Question Paper Of JOAIT – Post Code – 477 of the year 2021.


#1. What is the default size of text in

HTML element?

#2. What is the full form of CSS ?

#3. How will you select the outline color of a shape in Microsoft Paint?

#4. Which utility in Windows OS is used to create disk partitioning, resize partitions and format partitions on storage drives ?

#5. Which toolbar in MS-Word 2013 by default contains three commands — Save, Undo and Redo ?

#6. What is the Shortcut in MS-Word ? key to Redo the undone changes in MS-Word?

#7. Pressing_______________removes character-level formatting from the selected text in MS-Word Document.

#8. APA, Chicago and MLA are standard

#9. Which tab in MS Word provides options for table of contents, footnotes and citations ?

#10. What is the shortcut key to set line spacing of 1.5 in a MS word paragraph?

#11. What is the shortcut key to show “Replace” dialog in MS Word ?

#12. Which ofthe following languages is used for PROGRAMMING A MACRO IN MS Excel?

#13. Which is a software tool included with MsWord that provides synonyms for selected words?

#14. By using —_°option while printing printi more than one copy of a multi-page document, the printer will print all the pages of each copy before printing the next copy.

#15. Entering the number 0 ina cell in Excel sheet and formatting it as date will show

#16. What does the letter ‘R’ means in a CD-R dise ?

#17. Which layer in TCP/IPnetwork uses ‘Segment’ as transfer unit ?

#18. Which is a communication mode in which the both sender and receiver may transmit simultaneously ?

#19. Which of the following is not a technical specification for a printer ?

#20. An escape sequence begins with a_____________character in 'C'.

#21. What does the letter ‘C’ stands for in CMYK color model?

#22. Which of the following symbols represents the address operator in C language ?

#23. What is the unit of frequency ?

#24. What is the Linux command to display alist of running process?

#25. ___________is a network service to resolve the human readable domain names into IP addresses.

#26. Which of the following is an email Client software application?

#27. Which of the following organizations oversees the allocation of public IP addresses in a fair and consistent manner ?

#28. What does GPL mean in free software world ?

#29. Which of the following is not a valid hexadecimal number ?

#30. The modulo operator is represented using____________ symbol in C language.

#31. What is the shortcut key to permanently delete a file “Recycle Bin” in Microsoft Windows ?

#32. Which of8hthe rere following HTML tag is used to create a hyperlink in web pages?

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