HPAS Previous Year Question Paper 2016 – HP GK





#1. Of which rivers tributaries are Phojal, Sarwati and Hansa streams

#2. What is the archaeological style of Adi Brahama temple Khokhan?

#3. With which region of H.P. is Bonangchyu dance associated?

#4. Who was the court poet of Raja Dharam Chand of Kangra who wrote Dharam Chand ?

#5. . To which princely state did Zorawar Singh, General of Raja Gulab Singh who invaded Ladakh and Baltistan during 1834-41, belongs ?

#6. When did the Chandrahabhaga Valley which was held as Jagir by the families of Tibetan origin come under sway of Kullu ?

#7. The territory of which of the following princely state was divided between two cousins/scions Vijay Singh and Ram Singh during the nineteenth century?

#8. Around which year did captain RC Lee set up an apple orchard in Kullu area?

#9. Which Raja of Bushahr princely state received Hang-Rang valley from Tibet as Jagir?

#10. Around which year did Russian painter Nicholas Roerich visit Naggar in Kullu District for the First time?

#11. Which Raja of Bangahal princely state was treacherously killed by Raja Siddha Sen of Mandi?

#12. Which school did Amrita Shergil join in Shimla around 1924-25?

#13. Which Raja of Sirmaur princely state shifted the capital of his state from Rajban to Kalsi in the beginning of the thirteen century?

#14. . At which place in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh is fish farm?

#15. Who founded Himachal Pradesh congress (HVC)?

#16. Which two districts of H.P. are covered under Backward region Grant fund of ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India?

#17. Which bank is collaborating with the Himachal Pradesh government in implementing Doodh Ganga Yojna?

#18. Which agency is managing Himachal Pradesh state wide Area networks (HIMSWAN) services?

#19. In which basin is Upper Joiner hydro-power project?

#20. According to 2011 census which district of H.P. has the highest number of urban households?


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