HPAS Previous Year Question Paper 2015 – ECONOMY



#1. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna was launched on

#2. Earth Summit 2012 for sustainable development was held in

#3. According to Planning Commission estimates for 2011-12 which of the following states have maximum percentage of population below poverty line

#4. The World Investment Report (WIR) is published by

#5. SEBI was established in the year

#6. NITI in NITI Aayog stands for:

#7. Annual Summit 2015 of BRICS nations was held in

#8. As per the population census 2011, what is the percentage of urban population in Himachal and India respectively

#9. Recently, the government of India has decided to revise the base year for estimating the GDP from

#10. National Sample Survey Office was established in the year :



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