HPAS Previous Year Question Paper 2014 – ECONOMY



#1. Which one of the following is taken as the Base Year for estimating GDP at constant prices in India during 2012-13?

#2. "What was the average annual growth rate of Agricultural and Allied Sectors in India during 11th five year plan?

#3. Which of the statements given below is/are correct?

#4. The Targeted Public Distribution System (TDPS) was adopted in the year:

#5. The Khadi and Village Industries Commission was established during which of the Five Year Plans?

#6. Which Indian State has the lowest death rate according to census 2011?

#7. What is India’s Global Position out of 187 countries as per UNDP’s Human Development Report 2011?

#8. Who is the Chairman of Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) at present?



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