HPAS Previous Year Question Paper 2012 -Science




#1. Silicon carbide(SiC) is known as:

#2. Haem is the important biologically in the myoglobin which is used to store:

#3. Fly ash is environment pollutant produced by:

#4. Shallow lake with rich organic products are called:

#5. Rusting of iron is:

#6. The urine sample of a diabetic patient contains

#7. The quality of diesel oil for use in diesel engines is determined by:

#8. Which of the following is used as moderators in nuclear reactors?

#9. Which of the following is not a natural polymer?

#10. When mild steel is heated to a high temprature and suddenly cooled in water, it becomes hard and brittle. The process is called:

#11. A polymer which is used for making ropes and carpet fibres is:

#12. The bleaching action of chlorine occurs in the presence of:

#13. The Production of most metallic minerals is affected by each of the following, except:


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