HPAS Previous Year Question Paper 2012 – History



#1. Which statement is true about Ellora caves?

#2. Who was the first Indian to declare that "Freedom is my birth right"?

#3. At which place was Vardhman Mahavir born?

#4. Which Mughal ruler imprisoned his stepmother after the death of his father?

#5. Who founded the All India Depressed Classes Federation?

#6. From which place did Mahatma Gandhi ji started Dandi March to the sea?

#7. Who was the founder of Arya Samaj?

#8. Who translated the collection of South Indian tales into Sanskrit and titled the work as ‘Kathasaritasager’?

#9. In which year was the Partition of Bengal annulled?

#10. Arrange the following ruling dynasties of ancient India in correct chronological order:



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