HPAS Previous Year Question Paper 2011 – Science



#1. Antibodies are found in:

#2. Night Blindness is caused by the deficiency of:

#3. Which one of the following is non-toxic?

#4. Carbohydrates are not used in:

#5. Nanotechnology is where particles of the following size are used:

#6. Carbon dioxide absorbs the infrared radiations and its presence in the atmosphere decreases the loss of heat from earth by radiations.This is called : Choose an option:

#7. Which of the following properties is not related to LASER?

#8. In which form is phosphorus predominately found in soil?

#9. Asbestos is no longer used for commercial use because:

#10. Which of the following is not a plant hormone?

#11. Freons cause great environmental damage. They are:

#12. Freon causes great environmental damage. They are :

#13. Carbon Dioxide absorbs strongly in Infrared region and its presence in atmosphere decreases the loss of heat from Earth by radiations. This is called?

#14. Hemorrhagic dengue fever is spread by:

#15. Asbestos is no longer preferred for commercial use because:

#16. Human eye is sensitive to the wavelength in the range of:

#17. Gas released during Bhopal gas tragedy was:


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