HP Naib Tehsildar question paper – 2014 – HISTORY




#1. Which ancient work tries to impart instructions on different aspects of life through stories in which animals are the speakers?

#2. Which ancient school of philosophy tries to reduce all existence to two fundamental categories: Purusa and Prakriti?

#3. Which of the following is a Vedanga?

#4. Besides Nalanda, which was the other important university in Bihar during the ancient times?

#5. Who among the following was a pupil of Ramanuja?

#6. Which of the following saints belongs to Bengal?

#7. What is the subject matter of LILAWATI of Bhaskaracharya?

#8. Who was founder of Arya Samaj?

#9. Which movement of Gandhi ji gave the slogan of ‘do or die’?

#10. Who is the editor of Bahishkrit Bharat?

#11. Who founded the Kirti Kisan Party?

#12. When did Gandhi ji return to India?

#13. On which day in 1931 were Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukh dev executed?

#14. In which year did Muslim league pass the Pakistan resolution?

#15. Consider the following statements : 1) Soul force is better than brute force 2) Self suĄering is higher than violence 3) Hatred must be replaced by love Which of the above statements are true about Gandhi ji?

#16. When Gandhi ji was asked in 1921 whether he would like to make any changes in the languages of Hind Swaraj written in 1909 he said he would like to change one word. What was this?

#17. Who led the 1857 war of independence in Gwalior?

#18. In which year did Gandhi ji set up (All India) Harijan Sevak Sangh?

#19. Which of the following reduced the age for entry into ICS from 21 to 19 years?

#20. When was the capital of India shifted from Calcutta to Delhi?

#21. Under which act provision was made for the first time for the election of some non-official members in the central and provincial legislative councils?

#22. What is the name of the journal in which Balgangadhar Tilak wrote an article for which he was put on trial in 1908?

#23. At which session did the congress party for the first time demanded Swaraj/Swashasan?

#24. In which conspiracy case was V.D. Savarkar deported in October 1910?

#25. What was the periodicity of publication of Gadar?

#26. When did Madan Mohan Malaviya leave the Swaraj party?

#27. When was all India workers and peasants party set up?


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