HP Naib Tehsildar question paper – 2014 – GK





#1. What is the new name of the first Mughal Garden laid out by Babur in India which he had named as Aaram Bagh?

#2. Which committee has recommended a single act for All central universities in India?

#3. To which country did David Haines who was recently beheaded by IS belong?

#4. Who is Mark Tully?

#5. Which leader of Scottish national party is spearheading the demand for independence of Scotland?

#6. Who is the author of not just an accountant?

#7. What is the name of institute whose 24 students were drowned in the Beas recently?

#8. Recently who spear headed the debate on political and humanitarian situation in Kashmir in British parliament?

#9. With which of the following is united Abdul Rashid Khan associated?

#10. To which country does Massimiliano Llatorre accused of killing two Indian fishermen belong?

#11. In which district of J & K Sadhota village which was recently buried under debris?

#12. What does Volkar report deal with?

#13. Who were the first women to reach Everest twice?

#14. In which Halima, a woman of Indian origin, became the speaker of parliament?

#15. In which year did Arvind Kejriwal get the Magsaysay award?

#16. What is the venue of 6th meeting of home ministers of SAARC countries?

#17. Who is the chairperson of national commission for women?

#18. When was the mid day meal scheme launched in India in primary schools?

#19. When was the special economic zone (SEZ) act passed in India?

#20. In which year was Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna launched in India?

#21. Who is the chairman of 13 finance commission?


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