HP Naib Tehsildar question paper – 2017 – GK



#1. The Anti-Terrorism Day is celebrated on:

#2. Digi Yatra is an initiative of:

#3. Recently Sukama valley came into new for killing of armed forces. The valley is located in:

#4. Which of the following is not correct about Leela Seth?

#5. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt is related to:

#6. Which Indian bowler became the Ćrst ever to complete 50 wickets in two consecutive calendar years 2015-16?

#7. Jail Jyoti Yojana to promote literacy among the jail inmates was launched in:

#8. CASSINI is a joint space mission of:

#9. Indian Women’s Hockey Team beat which country to win Asian Champion Trophy 2016?

#10. Sampriti is a joint military training exercise between:

#11. World Sanskrit Award 2016 was given to:

#12. Who won the best FIFA football player award 2016?

#13. The Champion of the Earth Award is given by the:

#14. The First BRICS FIlm festival was held in:

#15. Which of the following Ćlms got the Golden Peacock Award at 47th International Film Festival of India?

#16. Lalima Abhiyan for anaemia-free state has been launched in:

#17. Operation Sankat Mochan was lauched by:

#18. Who was selected for the 52 Jnanpeeth Award for 2016?

#19. TSR Subrahmanyam Committee which recently submitted its report to the government of India dealth with:

#20. Richard Verma is:

#21. Who among the following received the Nobel Prize in literature for 2016?

#22. Shunglu Committee was formed by Lt. Governor of Delhi to examine:


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