HP Naib Tehsildar question paper – 2017 – GEOGRAPHY




#1. Among the following, the highest Literacy rate is found in:

#2. The headquarters of Western CoalĆeld Ltd. is located at:

#3. Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project Treaty has been signed between:

#4. Plateau of India divided as MALNAD and MAIDAN Plateau is:

#5. Influent drainage, Bangar soil, Doabs are the features of:

#6. TODA are Tribals Community found in the state of:

#7. Which river is called as the Ganges of South?

#8. Which Indian state has the least literacy?

#9. Bharatmala is a:

#10. Which state of India has the largest coastline?

#11. India became a signatory to be Ramsar Convention in 1982. Ramsar Convention is related to:

#12. Among the following which river basin having the largest catchment area?

#13. Which one of the following stations’ receivers minimum average annual rainfall?

#14. Among the following, the Eastern-most location city is:

#15. Which of the following statements is wrong about earth?

#16. Lithosphere is the:

#17. Igneous rocks are formed by the:

#18. Which city is known as the silicon valley of India?


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