DISTRICT MANAGER Previous Year Question Paper – 2019 – HIMACHAL



Previous Year Question Paper Of DISTRICT MANAGER including subject HIMACHAL of the year 2019.



#1. Which of the following lake is situated at An attitude of 3962 where the Gaddi tribal visit on Janmashtami to oĄer prayers?

#2. Which of the following temple of Himachal Pradesh has been rated as one of the Ćnest moments of the Western Himalayas and a unique example of the letter Gupta tradition?

#3. Which of the following incident was termed as the Shimla Terror and Shimla Genocide by the English newspapers in England?

#4. Who designed Christ Church at Shimla and St. George Church at Agra?

#5. Which of the following place was known as Baltohianaula Shehar and Chhota Muradabad for its brass utensils of various sizes and shapes?

#6. Women of which district have decided to plant seabuck thrown in the region to conserve the environment which is considered and eco-friendly plant for that area?

#7. In which district of Himachal Pradesh the proportion of 7.8 % population of scheduled caste is recorded, which is lowest in the state?

#8. In which district of Himachal Pradesh two Eulogies (prashastis) have been found having a mention of the local chief Lakshmana aur Lakshman Chandra and his overload King Jaychandra?

#9. The person who set up an apple orchard ‘Bundrole Orchard’ in 1870 after obtaining plants from the U.K. was-

#10. The bill namely the state of Himachal Pradesh Act, which was introduced in the Parliament on July 31, 1970, elevate the status of Himachal Pradesh to a full-fledged state was passed by the union Parliament on-

#11. Which of the following reservoir of Himachal Pradesh has the distinction of highest per hectare fish production in the country?


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