CDPO Previous Year Question Paper – 2018 – POLITY



Previous Year Question Paper Of CDPO including subject  POLITY of the year 2018.

#1. Constitutional Amendment in India can be moved in which House of the Parliament?

#2. Who is appointed as first ever woman Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir’s High Court?

#3. The 44th Amendment Act, 1978 replaced which term by ‘Armed Rebellion’ in Article 352 of the Indian Constitution?

#4. Under which article the President of India can issue an Ordinance?

#5. Match the following: (i) 24th Amendment – 1971 (ii) 31st Amendment – 1973 (iii) 42nd Amendment – 1976 (iv) 52nd Amendment – 1985 Choose the correct answer:

#6. What do you understand by ‘Zero hour’ in the Indian Parliamentary Procedure?

#7. What is the main function of Delimitation Commission of India

#8. What constitute definition of Money bill under Article 110 of Indian Constitution?

#9. Q.No: 93

A 1-(c), 2-(d), 3-(b), 4-(a),
B 1-(b), 2-(c), 3-(a), 4-(d)
C 1-(a), 2-(b), 3-(c), 4-(d)
D 1-(b), 2-(c), 3-(d), 4-(a)

Ans D 1-(b), 2-(c), 3-(d), 4-(a)


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