CDPO Previous Year Question Paper – 2018 – HIMACHAL



Previous Year Question Paper Of CDPO including subject HIMACHAL of the year 2018.



#1. Which village of H.P. is the highest in the world with a height of 4270 meters?

#2. Who amongst the following Raja was regarded as the ‘Hatim’ of that age and in generosity, the ‘Rustom’of that time by the Ghulam Muhai-ud-din in ‘Tarikh-i-Punjab?

#3. Who amongst the following took initiative in forming the Shimla branch of Indian National Congress in 1914?

#4. The third race to enter the Himalayan regions from north were –

#5. What is the percentage of difference of increase of female literacy against male literacy in H.P. as per 2011 census?

#6. As per 2011 census the Schedule Caste population of H. P. was?

#7. The Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang visited Jalandhara in 635 A.D. remained in the Kangra Valley as the guest of which ruler?

#8. The erstwhile Vice Regal Lodge which was built in 1884 during the period of Lord Dufferin was designed by

#9. Which of the following temple is not built in Pagoda style?

#10. Which of the rare migratory bird was spotted in the Pong Lake in Kangra Valley after the hiatus of 113 years in 2013?

#11. Who amongst the following notable persons have not contributed significantly to the cause of education in H.P.?

#12. On the top where roads from Zanskar, Ladakh, Spiti and Lahaul meet is the following Pass?

#13. Which of the following pass is not the part of the Great Himalayan Range?

#14. The concept of opening Sainik Schools was originated in the mind of which of the following leader, on the basis of which one such school was opened in Sujanpur Tira in 1978?

#15. The following Hot Water Spring was discovered by the then Chief Medical Oĉcer of Kangra Captain A. Colman

#16. The full fledged development of the Kangra School of Painting is said to have taken place under the patronage of –

#17. Which of the following pair is not correct as per census 2011 in terms of literacy rate?

#18. Before transfer in 1950, two villages namely ‘Sangog’ and ‘Bhatter’ were part of which State?

#19. Which of the following mountain range is the eastern most range that separates Spiti & Kinnaur from Tibet?

#20. Which valley of Kinnaur district is connected with Garhwal by several passes?

#21. The first passenger train on Kalka-Shimla railway line was flagged off on –

#22. Kupachacha’ or ‘Tshud-Thwagsti’ is a ritual prevalent in one of the district of H.P. for –

#23. What was the voting percentage turnout in 2014 Lok Sabha election in H.P.?

#24. Chini’ was a favorite resort of which British Governor General / Viceroy?

#25. Himachal Non Gazetted Employees Federation was set up in which year?

#26. Which of the following famous temple built in 1553 A.D. is also known as ‘Doongri Temple’?

#27. Which of following is not the form of marriage in Kinnaur district?

#28. What is the length of Pathankot – Jogindernagar railway line?

#29. Who was the first Lieutenant Governor of Himachal Pradesh?

#30. Where is the tomb of Lord Elgin situated in H.P.?

#31. Who laid the Naldera Golf Course in 1903 from amongst the following?

#32. Which is the oldest Hydro-electric project in Himachal Pradesh?

#33. During the Chief Commissioner’s rule the Secretariat of H.P. was called as –

#34. According to the twelfth five year plan document, Himachal Pradesh is ranked at which place in terms of ‘Human Development Index’?

#35. Match the following


AnsB -I, B-II, D-III, A-IV

#36. Which of the following river is 1200 km. long and Ĉows some 122 kms. in H.P. has a catchment area of 61000 sq. km. out of which 7500 sq. km. is in Himachal Pradesh?

#37. According to 2011 census, the population of H.P. is what percentage of the population of India?

#38. Which of the following is the oldest of all hill states (after Kashmir) in the Western Himalayas believed to be founded by Pradhyuman?

#39. Which of the sanctuary/national park consists of the upper catchment areas of the Tirthan, Sainj and Jiwa rivers?

#40. The Monal pheasant is found on forest tracts of which of the following Himalayan slopes?

#41. In the year 1830 who moved from England to set up the first brewery in India which produced the beer brand ‘Lion’ at Kasauli ?

#42. Deriving inspiration from the revolutionary activities of Punjab, in 1920 a secret society was formed in Sirmaur. Who was the leader of this society?

#43. The Himachal Institute of Public Administration building ‘Fairlawn’ Shimla was constructed by –

#44. In September, 1833 to raise funds for setting up a school at Subathu for native girls a ‘fun fair’ was organized, which is known as the first recorded history of following

#45. The British who introduced western schools in the hills and for the purpose he collected funds from local rulers and opened a central school at Shimla, was –

#46. Which of the following has been described as a ‘New Temple of Resurgent India’ by Pt. J. L. Nehru?

#47. The first election to Municipal Government Shimla were held in the year –

#48. Who was the first Negi of Lahaul appointed by British government for collection of revenue?

#49. The State of Chamba which remained under the Council of Administrators with its first President Major Toulnium till the minor ruler came of age. Name the ruler –

#50. Which of the following place used to be the hot weather seat of the Commissioner of Jullandhar division during the British Raj?


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