ALLIED question paper – 2019-HP GK




#1. During the British Raj ‘The Himalayan Advertisers’ and ‘The Shimla Advertisers’ in Shimla were the local :

#2. Who conceived the idea of construction of Viceregal Lodge at Shimla?

#3. Who authored the book ‘Himachal Pradesh, Area and Language’?

#4. Which industrial area of the state is the first to use green fuel?

#5. What was the total area of H.P. under tea Production in 2016-17?

#6. With the objective to preserve the Spiti breed of horses, Govt. of H.P. has established horse breeding farm at?

#7. What is the funding pattern of ‘Rashtriya Uchchtar Siksha Abhiyan’ which has been implemented in the State?

#8. What was the total approved Plan outlay for ‘Transport’ in the State during the year 2017-18?

#9. To protect fruit crops especially apple from hailstorms what percentage of subsidy on Anti Hail Nets was provided by the State Government during the year 2017-18?

#10. What is an area of forest cover in H.P. and it accounts for what percent of total geographical area of the State?

#11. The famous Rohtang Pass which divides Lahaul Spiti and Kullu Districts was once known as?

#12. What is the percentage ofsmoke-freee compliance of H.P. as per the joint report of the community medicine department of IGMC and population Research Centre of H.P. University?

#13. Which Pass lies at the head of the Baspa valley?

#14. Which of the following rivers is called as ‘River of Sorrows’ by the local people because of its recurring colossal damage to agriculture land ?

#15. Which of the following banks was merged with the H.P. State Cooperative Bank Ltd. In the year 1955?

#16. The wildlife experts who were the main force behind the setting up of Himachal’s First ‘Bird Ringing Station’ at Salropa:

#17. Which of the following lakes is not situated in Chamba district?

#18. Which of the following is not related to Kinnaur?

#19. The Bhutti Weavers Cooperative Society ( Bhuttico) was formed at Shamshi in which year?

#20. According to the 2011 census, the density of population per sq. km. in H.P. State was :-

#21. In which part of the state the Language, Art and Culture Academy of H.P. found a 600 yars old manuscript which deals with Ayurvedic System of Medicine?

#22. The first historical mention of Trigarta was found in the writings of which Sanskriti scholar?

#23. Bichitra Natak’ is one of the major sources of information about the battle of Nadaun which is considered to be the autobiography of :

#24. What title was conferred on to Raja Kehri Singh of Bushahr by Aurangzeb?

#25. In 1804 A.D. the rulers of Bilaspur, Mandi, Chamba and other small rulers of Kangra jointly invited whom to invade Kangra (Sansar Chand)?

#26. The famous ‘Rang Mahal’ Palalce of Bilaspur, now submerged into Govind Sangar, was built by the ruler of Kehlur:

#27. The earliest rock inscriptions in Brahmi script at pathiar and Kanihara is in the district of :

#28. Who was the first to draw attention to the history of royal families of Jalandhara and Trigarta in detail?

#29. Who amongst the following rulers of Chamba received the distinction of ‘Knighthood’ on 1 January, 1906?

#30. In which valley of Kinnaur district ‘Saffron’ and cumin’ are produced?

#31. Which of the following products of H.P. has been registered under the Geographical Indications (GI) of Goods Act, 1999?

#32. Where is the ‘silk flature’ Functioning in Kangra district?

#33. Which of the following is not the breed of poultry, introduced to improve the economy of the Kangra District?

#34. According to the Hiuen Tsang, which of the following was the distinct state during 7 Century A.D. where about 20 Buddhist ‘Sanghmas’ with 1000 priests, mostly studied the ‘Mahayana’?

#35. Who called Lahaul ‘a Valley of Glaciers’?

#36. Who is known as a pioneer of fruit growing in Kullu area who set up an apple orchard in the year 1870 A.D.?

#37. Who introduced potato and other vegetables at Keylong in 1857?

#38. As per the study made by geologists the present area of which district, some 1200-1500 million years ago was a part of the sea called ‘Tethys’?

#39. Name of which of the district has been derived form its town which was once a small village inhabited by the charcoal manufacturers ?

#40. Which of the following dynasties was supposed to be founded by ‘Pradyuman’ the son of Lord Krishna?

#41. The ‘Tax-Free’ trade between the Kinnauras and Tibetans continued till which year?

#42. Which sector was accorded the highest priority in terms of financial allocation during 2017-18 plan outlay of H.P.?

#43. In the year 2017-18 the Steel Authority of India Ltd. Has entrusted SAIL yard to H.P. at which place to supply the quality steel to Govt?

#44. The river Satluj divides which of the following mountain range at Shipki?

#45. Chandragomin who referred the ‘Audumbaras’ as a section of ‘Shalvas’ in his book ‘Vritti’ was a :

#46. Who founded the town of Bharmaur and made it the capital of the state?

#47. The two states in the Shimla Hills founded by the son and grandson of Jaspal, the ruler of Kutlehr state were?

#48. A major part of Kangra district has been found suitable for the rearing of the following silkworm races?

#49. In july 1910, A.H. Franke arrived which of the following villages of H.P. where the language he found was ‘entirely Tibetan’?

#50. On 7 October, 2014 at Dhalpur maidan in Kullu how many women danced together ‘Kulluvi Nati, on the tune of Dhol, nagara and Shehnai to celebrate this as ‘Beti Bachao’ ?

#51. Who became the youngest woman of H.P. to scale the Mount Everest in 1993?

#52. Which valley of Lahaul and Spitit is called as ‘ Orchards and Granary’ of the district?

#53. Which district of H.P. has the largest number of ‘large, medium and small scale industrial units’?

#54. The ‘Nirmand copper Plate’ and important historical document of H.P. issued by Maharaja Samudrasena belongs to which century?

#55. ‘Tichig Miching’, ‘Chhetpa’ and ‘ Ti Darang Shishe’ are various kinds of the following in Kinnaur district?

#56. Who has written the book ‘Culture Heritage of the Himalayas’?

#57. The major irrigation project of H.P. Shahnagar Project is providing irrigation facility to :

#58. The first industrial unit in Sirmaur at Nahan the ‘Nahan Foundry Ltd.’ Was set up in 1875 A.D. by :

#59. The annual rainfall of which zone of H.P. varies from 1500 mm to 1800 mm?

#60. Which of the following combinations is correct in terms of Government?


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