ALLIED question paper – 2019 –GEOGRAPHY




#1. According to astronomers’ estimate, the total number of galaxies in the universe is about:

#2. Asteroids are found between:

#3. Which one of the following is not correct?

#4. Calculate the time of 45 degrees west, if it is 4 p.m. at 45 degrees east:

#5. Who coined the sentence ‘Give me the matter and I will build a world out of it’?

#6. The concept of Base Level was developed by :

#7. Which one of the following is not an igneous rock?

#8. The Sea of Marmara joins the :

#9. Folds in the mountains are the results of:

#10. A place, where an earthquake originates, is called?

#11. National Institute of Disaster Management is at:

#12. The term disaster is derived from which of the following languages?

#13. As the magnitude of natural disaster whereas their frequencies of occurrence:

#14. The Disaster Management Act was made in :

#15. Tsunamis are waves generated by :

#16. Which of the following is natural Hazard?

#17. How much percentage of Indian land is prone to earthquakes?

#18. Powerful Tsunami is produced by :

#19. Landslides occur due to :

#20. The famous book that questioned use of DDT and led to the study of pesticides is titled:

#21. Wetland Day is celebrated on :

#22. The Wildlife Protection Act of India was given in the year:

#23. GPS stands for:

#24. Wind blows because of difference in :

#25. Which of the following generates Maximum energy?

#26. NGT stands for :

#27. Among several natural hazards which one is known as ‘silent killer’?

#28. The number of major biospheres identified by Man and Biosphere (MAB) committee in India are:

#29. Which one of the following planets has the largest number of satellites?


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