ACF question paper – 2020 –HISTORY




#1. Gandhi Ji was asked to come to South Africa by:

#2. One of the famous associates of Gandhi Ji during Kheda Satyagraha was:

#3. Gandhi Ji gave the call for individual Satyagraha after the Second World War was over. Who was the first individual Satyahrahi chosen by Gandhi Ji?

#4. From whom Gandhi Ji learnt the first lesson of Non-violence?

#5. Gandhi Ji was very much fascinated by a book, which he translated into Gujarati and entitled as ‘Sarvodaya’. Name of that book was

#6. Who founded the Independent Labour Party in the year, 1936?

#7. With which of the following did the British sign the ‘Treaty of Gandamak’ in 1879?

#8. Who was the Chairman of the Committee constituted on Railway Policy in 1920?

#9. Who was the founder of the ‘Sri Narayan Dharma Paripalana Yogam’ movement?

#10. Who founded ‘Sharda Sadan’ for the uplift of the women?

#11. In which of the following places have the ruins of the capital of Vijaynagar Empire been found?

#12. To which of the following sect/religion do the famous Dilwara Temples belong?

#13. Which of the following is another term for Sufism?

#14. Which of the following are the historical manuscripts of Assam?

#15. In which place is the famous Shah Hamadan Mosque located?


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