The Gupta Empire MCQ Questions and Answers



#1. Who was the first Gupta ruler?

#2. Who among the Gupta emperors in his Bhitari and Junagarh inscriptions claimed victory over the Hunas?

#3. The Gupta ruler who finally defeated the Shakas of Ujjain is?

#4. Which of the Republican states in the Post-Mauryan period patronised Shaivism?

#5. The royal seal of the Guptas bore the emblem of

#6. Which among the following dynasties is known to have given the largest grant of villages to the temples and Brahamans?

#7. WhichChalukyan rulerissaid to have received an embassy from the Persian king Khusrau II?

#8. The finestspecimens of Buddhist paintings are found in the caves at Bagh and Ajanta. How do the Buddhist paintings at Bagh differ from those found at Ajanta?

#9. Which inscription of the Gupta period gives details regarding the sale of land?

#10. Who among the following was the mother of Prabhavati Gupta?

#11. Who among the following Gupta kings ascended the throne in the year 56 of Gupta era?

#12. The six district school of Indian philosophy Sankhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaishasika, Mimansa, Vedanta became fully articulated during the

#13. During which period, the great epics of Ramayan and Mahabharat were given the final form?

#14. Which Gupta ruler repaired the Sudarshana lake constructed by Chandragupta Maurya?

#15. The silver coins issued by the Guptas were called:

#16. The decimal numeralsystem, including the concept of zero was invented in India during which one of the following dynasty?

#17. Which Gupta emperor is said to have founded Nalanda University?

#18. Which one of the following ports handled the North Indian trade during the Gupta period?

#19. Which book is considered as the Gupta equivalent of Kautilya’s Arthasastra?

#20. There are only two known examples of cave paintings of the Gupta period in ancient India. One of these is paintings of Ajanta caves. Where is the other surviving example of Gupta paintings?

#21. During the period of which of the following was ‘Panchtantra’ written?

#22. Sarnath inscription highlights the achievements of which Kushana ruler?

#23. Alwars who were Vaishnavaite saints were popular in which part of India?

#24. Which of the following Gupta emperors is represented on his coins as playing the flute or Veena?

#25. Which Gupta emperor’s inscription at Eran dated 510 AD gives the first inscriptional evidence of Sati?

#26. Pick out the incorrect statement?

#27. Who is considered to be the greatest Pallava ruler?

#28. Who was the author of Allahabad pillor inscription?

#29. Which ofthe Pallava rulersfounded the city ofMahabalipuram?

#30. The Jain text which describes that Chandragupta embraced Jainism towards the end of his life, is:

#31. Which among the following was not the cause of continuous war between Cholas and Chalukyas of Kalyan?

#32. During whose reign did the Hunas start posing a threat to the Gupta empire?

#33. Which one of the following is not related to the feudal formation in the Gupta and post-Gupta times.

#34. The guild organization described in the Mandsore inscription of Kumaragupta was known as

#35. Kaumudi Mahotsava was written by

#36. Who among the following was the ruler of Kanchi during the time of Samudragupta?

#37. In the Gupta inscription who has been called “Lichchhavi Dauhitra”

#38. Who destroyed the Nalanda University in 1202 AD?

#39. The officer responsible for the safe custody of land records during the Gupta period was known as

#40. Expansion of agricultural land took place on the largest scale in which period ?

#41. In the Gupta administration, who was Purpala?

#42. Who was the author of Mandasore inscription?

#43. The Gupta ruler who repaired Sudarsana Lake for the second time

#44. Who has complimented Samudragupta as the ‘Indian Napoleon’ ?

#45. Who of the following Gupta kings granted permission to Meghverma, the ruler of Sri Lanka to build a Buddhist temple at Gaya?

#46. Which of the following literary works did not belong to the Gupta period?

#47. In which century, did the famous Chinese pilgrim Fa-hien visit India?

#48. The word Vishti means

#49. Who was the author of famous Ayurvedic text Ashtanghriday?

#50. The greatest royal patron of the University of Nalanda was/ were:

#51. How many students were studying in the Nalanda University as mentioned by Hiuen Tsang?

#52. Which of the following is regarded to be a controversial part of the treaty of 303 (BC) between Chandragupta and Seleucus?

#53. Who among the following had the title ‘Amoghavarsha’

#54. Brihath Samhita was written by

#55. Who was the court poet of Samudragupta?

#56. The travel account of Fa-hien is known as

#57. Which of the following temples was a well known centre of higher education?

#58. Who was the author of Amarkosha?

#59. Who was Dhanavantri?

#60. Which of the following port handled North Indian trade during the Gupta period?

#61. Samudragupta ascended the throne in

#62. What was the Period of rule of SamudraGupta?

#63. The book Navanitakam of the Gupta period belongs to

#64. How many inscriptions are available for Guptas period?

#65. Gupta kings ruled North India for a period of

#66. The court poet of SamudraGupta was

#67. Nitisara was written by

#68. The gold coins during Gupta Period were called

#69. Majority of the Gupta emperors patronised

#70. Ajanta Cave paintings belongs to the period of

#71. The Sultan Ganj Buddha Statue in Bronze belongs to

#72. Harivamsa Purana was written by

#73. The language patronised by Guptas was

#74. Who wrote ‘Aryabhattiyam’ Suryasiddhanta’?

#75. Who wrote ‘Siddhanta Siromani’?

#76. Kamasutra was written by

#77. In the Gupta age, Varahamihira wrote the famous book, ‘Brihat Samhita’. It was a treatise on

#78. The Vengi king who was defeated by Samudra Gupta

#79. Who wrote Khanda-Khadyaka?

#80. The Gupta king who was good player of Veena?

#81. The Gupta king who destroyed Sakas?

#82. The king Pulakesin II belonged to which Dynasty ?

#83. Who was the founder of Gupta dynasty?

#84. The Gupta king who has the title of ‘Mahendraditya’?

#85. Gupta Era was started in

#86. The Kosala king who was defeated by SamudraGupta

#87. Arrange the following Gupta emperors in the chronological order

#88. What was the language of Allahabad Parasasti?

#89. Which of the following was the inscription of Guptas about sati

#90. The officers of the village during the Guptas period were

#91. Which two of the following plays did Kalidasa wrote before writing Abhigyanashakuntalam?

#92. Who was son of Chandra Gupta II?

#93. Who started Gupta Era?

#94. Who among the following was an expert musician?

#95. The University of Nalanda was set-up by which Gupta ruler?

#96. What was the Normal rate of interest on loans during the Guptas period

#97. The Pallava king who was defeated by Samudra Gupta?

#98. Who has the title of ‘Kaviraja’?

#99. Who wrote ‘Devi Chandra Guptam’?

#100. The capital of Gupta Empire was

#101. The religion patronised and propagated by Guptas

#102. Fa-Hien’s mission to India was to

#103. Who worte ‘Amarakosha’?

#104. The last ruler of Gupta dynasty was

#105. Who was son of SamudraGupta?

#106. Which of the following inscription was found on iron pillar?

#107. The poet who is called as Indian Shakespeare

#108. Kalidas worte (dramas)

#109. List-I List-II

#110. Which of the following is Kalidasa’s work (poetical works)

#111. Guptas period was a high water mark for

#112. Kings Queens

#113. The ruler of provinces in Guptas period are called as

#114. Which one of the following inscriptions mentions Pulakesin II’s military success against Harshavardhana?

#115. Among the precious stones, the most extensive foreign trade during the Gupta age was that of

#116. Who among the following Chinese travellers visited the Kingdoms of Harsrhavardhana and Kumar Bhaskar Varma?

#117. Which of the following is correctly matched?

#118. Which of the following rulers checked Harshavardhana’s expedition in South India?

#119. List-I List-II

#120. Which one of the following was the official language of Gupta period ?

#121. With reference to the Indian history of art and culture, consider the following pairs :

#122. Which one among the following cities was the best producer of silk cloth under Gupta reign ?

#123. Which one among the following is not correct about the cave paintings at Ajanta

#124. The eulogies or “prashasti” among the following inscriptions :

#125. Which of the following statements are true with regard to Rajendra Chola I ?

#126. The themes of the murals of the Ajanta Caves are

#127. Which of the following is false statement regarding Gupta’s administration?

#128. Which of the following pair(s) are/is correctly matched?

#129. Which of the following statements are true about Gupta coinage?

#130. List-I List-II

#131. The Gupta period is considered as the ‘Golden Age of India’ which of the following statement is true regarding this-

#132. Which of the following are true with regard to Pulakesin II?

#133. Which of the following are marked by the agrarian structure in the Post - Gupta period?

#134. The notion ofsaptanga that wasintroduced inArthashastra includes

#135. With reference to Chandragupta I, consider the following statement-

#136. Arrange the following astronomers in their correct chronological order:

#137. Which of the following are true about Samudragupta?

#138. List-I List-II

#139. Consider the following historical places:


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