India After Harsha MCQ Questions and Answers




#1. Which of the following is not true about Rajputs?

#2. Who among the following has been criticized by Kalhana for confiscating the temple treasure?

#3. Gold coins attributed to Harsha depict on the reverse

#4. The famous commentator of Vedic literature, associated with the Paramaras was

#5. Who among the following exposed the evils of contemporary society by his satirical writings?

#6. The Chola rulers were generally

#7. Who among the following was the patron of the Kota school of painting?

#8. Rajashekhara, the author of ‘Karpuramanjari’, was the teacher of

#9. Who among the following levied Turushka-danda?

#10. Who of the following adopted Garuda as dynasty emblem after the imperial Guptas?

#11. Which of the following sources provides a vivid description of Sindh?

#12. Kumaradevi, the Queen of Govinda Chandra Gahadavala, constructed Dharmachakra-jina-vihar at

#13. Harsha had assumed the title

#14. Which one of the following was the primary assembly in the Chola village administration?

#15. In which court was the Chinese embassy sent by the T'ang emperor?

#16. The Turkish brought with them musical instruments

#17. The presiding deity of Bhojshala Temple is

#18. Harsha’s military expansion in the Deccan was checked by

#19. The north Indian dynasties that confronted theRashtrakutas were

#20. Who founded the four Mathas in the four corners of India?

#21. The Vikramshila Mahavihara, the renowned educational center of Pala period at

#22. Which one of the following Chola rulers had persecuted Ramanuja and ousted him from his Kingdom?

#23. A Chalukya inscription is dated in the year 556 of the Saka era. Its equivalent is to

#24. Rath Temples at Mahabalipuram were built in the reign of which Pallava ruler?

#25. Vikramshila Mahavihar was established by the ruler of

#26. ‘Ramayan am’theTamil version of the great epicRamayana was made by

#27. Rajputs are mentioned as Agnikula Kshatriyas in

#28. Which one of the following is not a work on architecture?

#29. What was the main objective of Sultan Mahmud’s Indian conquests?

#30. In the context of cultural history of India, a pose in dance and dramatics called ‘Tribhanga’ has been a favorite of Indian artists from ancient times till today. Which one of the following statements best describes this pose?

#31. Who among the following believed in the theory of Bhedabheda?

#32. Who wasthe Shahiruler of Punjab defeated by Muhammad Ghazni?

#33. Sugandhadevi who issued coins with the figure of seated Lakshmi was a Queen of

#34. Rajatarangini was written by

#35. The Rajput dynasty that ruled Kannauj was

#36. Who wrote Prithviraj Raso?

#37. Who was the first prominent ruler of the Pratihara dynasty?

#38. The Pratihara ruler who occupied Kannauj?

#39. The Pala ruler who was defeated by the Pratihara ruler Nagabhatta?

#40. Who may be the founder of the Pratihara dynasty?

#41. The prominent ruler of Pratihara dynasty Bhoja I ruled from

#42. What was the capital of Gurjara Pratiharas?

#43. Who was the last ruler of the Pratihara dynasty?

#44. What was the capital of Chandelas?

#45. Pratihara dynasty came to an end in

#46. Who was the founder of Chandela dynasty?

#47. Consider the following statements

#48. Who was the most prominent ruler of the Chandela dynasty?

#49. Who built the famous temples at Khajuraho?

#50. The Rajput Clan that ruled Bundelkhand was

#51. Why did the Gurjara Pratihara dynasty decline?

#52. List-I List-II

#53. The Chandela ruler who built a famous temple at Khajuraho?

#54. Who was the founder of the Paramara dynasty?

#55. Paramara dynasty ruled

#56. The son of Dhanga who gave resistence to Muhammad Ghazni

#57. What was the capital of Paramaras?

#58. The Muslim ruler who conquered the kingdom of Bundelkhand in 1203 A.D?

#59. Who was the most important ruler of the Paramara dynasty?

#60. Who established the independent Paramara dynasty?

#61. Who was the last Hidu king who ruled North India?

#62. The first Muslim expedition on India took place in

#63. Kaviraja Malavachakravartin was the title of

#64. Who was the Hindu king at the time of invasion of Muhammad-Bin Quasim on Sind?

#65. Muhammad Ghazni plundered Somnath temple in Kathiawar in

#66. The Paramara ruler who established a university at Dhara?

#67. Who established the first Islamic empire in India?

#68. Muhammad Ghazni invaded India 17 times between

#69. The first Muslims invaded India were

#70. List-I List-II

#71. The second Tarian war took place in

#72. The Rajput king who was defeated and killed in the second Tarain war?

#73. The first Tarian war took place in

#74. Consider the following statements–

#75. Consider the following statements-


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