The emergence of Mahajanapadas and Magdh MCQ Questions and Answers




#1. The capital of Magadha was shifted from Rajgriha to__

#2. Which of the following caused by success of Magadh ? 1. Magadha enjoyed a advantageous geographical position in the iron age as most of the deposits were located there. 2. The rulers of this state had very good weapon. 3. The capitals of Magadha were situated at strategic positions. 4. No other power at that time had the courage to attack it

#3. In sixth century BC, Suktimati was the capital of__

#4. In the Mahayana Buddhism, the Bodhisatoa Avalokitesvara was also known as:

#5. Where did the 16 Janapadas were mentiond?

#6. Which one of the following Janapadas was republican state in sixth century BC?

#7. Chandra Gupta Maura defeated Nandas with the help of?

#8. By whom, the first republic of the world was established in Vaishali?

#9. The list of sixteen Mahajanapadas is available in__

#10. Arrange the following Magadha dynasties in the chronological order: 1. Nandas 2. Sungas 3. Mauryas 4. Haryanks Codes:

#11. Arrange the following Mahajanpadas moving from west to east in the correct order:1. Avanti 2. Magadha 3. Matsya 4. Kosala Codes:

#12. With reference to Mahajanapad as consider the statements: 1. Anga and Magadha were located in the wheat growing area of the Gangetic Valley 2. In agricultural output, rice exceeded wheat leading to a greater density of population in the rice growing area. Which of the above is / are not correct

#13. Name of the Mahajanapada, which was a confederacy of eight republican clans?

#14. Consider the following statements: 1. The list of sixteen Mahajanapadas is available in Anguttara Nikaya. 2. Asmaka Mahajanapada was situated on the bank of Godawari. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

#15. The kingdom which was most powerful among the Shodasa Mahajanapadas ?

#16. List-I List-II (King) (Kingdom) A. Pradyota 1. Magadha B. Udayana 2. Vatsa C. Prasenjit 3. Avanti D. Ajatshatru 4. Kosala Codes: A B C D

#17. The dynasties which ruled Magadha were:

#18. Which one of the following statements about ancient Indian Mahajanapadas is correct?

#19. List-I List-II (Mahajanpada) (Capital) A. Matsya 1. Potana B. Asmaka 2. Virat C. Anga 3. Champa D. Chedi 4. Shuktimati Codes: A B C D

#20. What was the period of Chandra Gupta Maurya?

#21. Chandra Gupta Maura was the follower of?


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