World’s First Oral COVID Vaccine launched by China

Current Affairs

  • The Chinese city of Shanghai started administering an inhalable COVID-19 vaccine in what appears to be a world first.
  • The vaccine, a mist that is sucked in through the mouth, is being offered for free as a booster dose for previously vaccinated individuals, according to an announcement posted on an official city social media account.
  • This vaccine is taken by mouth. China has started giving its people an inhalable COVID-19 vaccine.
  • According to the Shanghai city administration, a free booster dose of the vaccine is being provided to those who have already been vaccinated.
  • Needle-free vaccines can deter people who do not like to be vaccinated as well as help expand vaccinations in poor countries because they are easier to administer.
  • China doesn’t have a vaccine mandate but wants more people to get booster shots before it begins easing tough pandemic restrictions that are crippling the economy and increasingly out of sync with the rest of the world.

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