World Health Organization launched ‘International Pathogen Surveillance Network (IPSN)’ 

Current Affairs

  • The World Health Organization on 20 May 2023 launched the ‘International Pathogen Surveillance Network (IPSN)’, a global network to help share information to rapidly detect and prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19.
  • The objective of this network is to rapidly identify and track infectious disease threats and share information and take action to prevent disasters such as the COVID pandemic.


  • A world where every country has equitable access to sustained capacity for genomic sequencing and analytics as part of its public health surveillance system.

International Pathogen Surveillance Network (IPSN):-

  • The International Pathogen Surveillance Network (IPSN) is a global network of pathogen genomic actors.
  • It is hosted by the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence.
  • Its aim isto accelerate progress on the deployment of pathogen genomics and improve public health decision-making.
  • By strengthening the pathogen genomic surveillance ecosystem, the IPSN enables faster detection of new pathogens and the enhanced tracking of the spread and evolution of diseases.
    • This in turn can drive better public health responses.
  • The IPSN supports ongoing disease surveillance and will help detect and fully characterize new disease threats before they become epidemics or pandemics.

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