US, India, Israel and UAE to form a ‘New Quad’

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First virtual summit of the foreign ministers of the US, India, Israel and UAE was recently held. It was joined by:

1.       External affairs minister S Jaishankar,

2.       US secretary of state Antony Blinken from Washington

3.       Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid from Jerusalem

4.       UAE foreign minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan from Abu Dhabi.

  • This meeting is the first to bring four countries together on a single platform.
  • The four nations agreed to form a new international economic forum to harness the “unique array of capabilities, knowledge and experience” that each offers.
  • Meeting will also be linked with India’s efforts of building new plurilateral and multilateral partnerships which focuses on cooperation in areas including security, connectivity and energy.
  • The group is already being dubbed the ‘New Quad’ or the ‘Middle-Eastern Quad’ on the lines of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QSD). 


  • The four countries have a “unique set of capabilities, knowledge, and experience” that can be used to create a new network of cooperation.
  • The new group is important for greater cooperation of the countries involved in keeping the Middle East stable. 
  • With the new alliance, India can use this platform to harness various opportunities like Big data, AI, Quantum computing, export its products in their market etc.
  • The group will help to focus on non-military issues like trade, energy, and environment and on promoting public goods.
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