The Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution unveiled the Right to repair portal

Current Affairs

  • Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goyal launched a host of new initiatives, including the right-to-repair portal and an NTH mobile app, and opened new premises of the National Consumer Helpline center in Delhi.
  • On the ‘right to repair’ portal, manufacturers will share the manual of product details with customers so that they can either repair the gadgets themselves or have them repaired by third parties, rather than depend on the original manufacturers.

What is the Right to Repair?

  • It refers to proposed government legislation that would allow consumers the ability to repair and modify their own consumer products (e.g. electronic, and automotive devices).
  • The idea behind the “right to repair” is in the name: If you own something, you should be able to repair it yourself or take it to a technician of your choice.
  • People are pretty used to this concept when it comes to older cars and appliances, but right-to-repair advocates argue that modern tech, especially anything with a computer chip inside, is rarely repairable.

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